Because of Brianna

one store meant more than I realized -

I don’t remember how I came across her store. I only remember that I liked the atmosphere and variety in it. It didn’t feel commercial or general like the big name stores. There was a great feel to it.

As a new mom, I was happy that there was a place where I could actually reach out and talk to a knowledgeable person. This small business definitely cared about their clients.

In my case, I was vulnerable and scared. I was a new mom who was trying to survive Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. I was a new mom trying to figure out my left from my right. I was someone who, after hearing everyone else’s way, was just trying to find my own.

Brianna was a well-respected person in the baby-wearing world, and had been in the business before. Long story short, her store was a safe haven for me. She offered things that weren’t easily found in your the bigger branded stores. She and her staff gave much needed advice and comfort as moms like myself tried to navigate through baby’s needs. She offered classes at her store. She gained a nice following on her Facebook group.

Today was the last day of operations for her store. It was a sad day for many of us who enjoyed it. I couldn’t imagine the emotions that Brianna may be feeling. Yet, I felt that she ought to know the impact she had. We weren’t friends – I was just a customer who enjoyed the services she offered. Yet, even then, she made a significant impact during my PPD/PPA journey.

Ever since I found out about the closure, I had long wanted to let her know what her store meant to me. I even poured my feelings out via a LONG text to one of my friends. Even still, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her. I saw her during the final days of the store, as I was buying a handful of items. I didn’t say anything.

Then, someone on the Facebook group suggested we posts messages about the positive impact Brianna and her store had. They told us to use the hashtag #becauseofBrianna. I decided to go for it (albeit in a shorter format). This is the message in its entirety:

I came to your store while I was suffering from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. I was lost and just trying to figure out how I was going to survive being a new mom. You taught me about the Emeibaby, and later, I got a Bumbleride from you. I was so lost about what kinds of things to get, but you were so kind and patient. I felt at ease when you and your staff were assisting me.

You had your grand opening event, and despite my uneasiness, I made myself go. The only thing I wanted was the Lorena Canals mint colored rug. I walked around with my husband, trying to be and feel normal. It was hard since I felt everyone else seemingly had this parenthood thing down but me.

The raffle began, and you called someone else’s name for the rugs. I was crestfallen, thinking how silly I was to believe that I could ever win anything.

You chose a second ticket – and it was ME! I cried. The first winner picked a different rug, and I got the one thing I wanted. It’s silly, but after all the suffering, this was something that was happy and unexpected. I came home beaming, and those scary PPD and PPA feelings disappeared temporarily. You had no idea, but because of that one moment, I forgot about the suffering. I actually couldn’t wait to put it out and “show” my little boy. There it was – for a brief period of time I was not suffering. I went out. I talked to people. I came home with a smile.

So, thank you Brianna. Thank you for having a space that supported so many. You have no idea of the impact you made during those first few months for me. I wish you the best in your next adventures! #becauseofBrianna

Upon publication, it immediately struck a chord with people. I didn’t expect that. But, I’m glad that it did. I don’t know when or if she may read it, but I wanted her to know. It is sad to think about all the things that may have lead to the closure, and what she faces ahead. But, if there’s anything, I hope she knows the positive impact she’s had on so many.

15 thoughts on “Because of Brianna

  1. It’s a great to have a safe place or someone that cares for their clients. Postpartum is no joke, I was there and I was miserable depressed you name it I felt it. But I am
    Thankful for all the people who had helped get through it.


  2. This is the great part about small businesses. That can make such an impact on people without even knowing it. I am so sorry one of your safe places closed and I hope you find another again soon.


  3. That’s awesome! I’m glad that you had a safe space and were able to feel happy for a bit. Especially in the beginning, it’s scary and I am happy you found your stride again! Also glad you wrote a beautiful tribute to Brianna so she knows how you felt. I hope that she reads it and knows that she made quite a positive impact on you.


  4. With all the negative things out there I always feel it is so important to let people know when you make an impact on them. I remember getting a couple comments on some of my blog posts and it made me think “This is why I am doing this”. It really touched me. I am glad you took the time to let her know how much of an impact she made on you. THis was really sweet


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