Because of Brianna

I don't remember how I came across her store. I only remember that I liked the atmosphere and variety in it. It didn't feel commercial or general like the big name stores. There was a great feel to it. As a new mom, I was happy that there was a place where I could actually … Continue reading Because of Brianna

5 Reasons to Be a Mentor

In the last few years, I've been able to mentor different individuals.  A few were from the local university, and one was from an elementary school.  There were a handful of reasons why I wanted to do this. We didn't have very many programs like that when I was in elementary school. I also didn't … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Be a Mentor

Awkward Hugs

I can't pinpoint when it all started. I don't know if it stemmed from childhood, or some strange habit that I acquired. Somewhere or somehow, I decided that I did not like hugs. More accurately, any physical contact. I try to be pretty upfront about it. Professionally, I make it a point to be the … Continue reading Awkward Hugs

Unwanted Commentary

I remember her scathing remark. The disapproving tone echoing throughout the otherwise quiet room. The hospital floor was full, and so, my dad had to temporarily share a room. My siblings and I visited him as often as we could - sometimes together, sometimes splitting days depending on our schedule. I was with one of … Continue reading Unwanted Commentary

3BR/2BA – The Last Stop

Time and time again, I come back to this place.  It was the home of our childhood. It's no surprise that I would find myself here. I tend to think that these dreams come as a way to remember the past. It's a way to think of the times that once were, and to remember … Continue reading 3BR/2BA – The Last Stop

Positive Attitude!

The anticipation had built for some time. I knew that this moment would come.  At the end of the day, I was summoned nonchalantly for a discussion.   "Here it comes...", I thought to myself. "After all this time, here it is." Although I knew exactly what the contents of the discussion would be. I could … Continue reading Positive Attitude!

A Different Life

It's a bright day. I find myself in a clean, white room. I don't recall how I got there. The room is neatly decorated with things that I cannot recognize. I'm confused. I walked down the hall, which has a strange sense of familiarity. Yet, I've never been here. When I reach the next room, … Continue reading A Different Life

Avoiding the Overshare

At first, it seemed so innocent. Just another innocuous post from someone I used to know. Soon, they posted more frequently. What's more, each one became a little more personal and detailed than the last. Then, the floodgates opened. Very personal details about their life, not so subtle hints about their health and relationships were … Continue reading Avoiding the Overshare

My Father’s Tree

When it first came, it was one of the most popular styles. I can't remember if it was a Douglas or Noble. I remember it being covered in white "snow", and supposedly had the scent of a real tree. It was economical and practical, and it became the tradition year after year. In fact, it … Continue reading My Father’s Tree

Still Salty

It was a before dinner kind of thing. The wait for the restaurant was long so we decided to grab a little pre-grub so that we could sit comfortably with our son.  He needed some distractions to pass the time.  I picked up my son, threw on his backpack and held my purse. I made … Continue reading Still Salty