Are you being Mommy Tracked? 

At first, Candice thought she was overreacting. Were things really different in the office ? Or was it just that her priorities changed ?  She was a first time parent and elected to take a few months of maternity leave. Although she was a dedicated career woman, she had great joy in being a mother … Continue reading Are you being Mommy Tracked? 

A Mommy Story: Cooper’s Helmet

How would you deal with your child's medical issue ? In this edition of A Mommy Story, we are featuring Tamra and her son, Cooper. Tamra reveals discusses how she dealt with an understandably difficult and stressful experience.  ---- As mothers, we all experience different trials and tribulations. They are generally greeted shortly thereafter (sometimes … Continue reading A Mommy Story: Cooper’s Helmet

Is Your Poshmark Closet a Hobby or a Business ? 

This post contains an affiliate link.  It's no question that online selling platforms are booming.  Platforms like Poshmark are giving people more options for buying and selling online.   Many people engage in platforms like Poshmark as means to clean out their homes and still make a little money from it. Some treat it as a hobby. … Continue reading Is Your Poshmark Closet a Hobby or a Business ? 

Sell for a Cause

A friend of mine came up with a brilliant idea to help those affected by Hurricane Houston.  She knows quite a few self-employed consultants and decided she'd host a shopping event in her home. All vendors would have to pledge a percentage of their profits towards relief efforts for Houston. She would match whatever was … Continue reading Sell for a Cause