Stolen Memories

At 7 weeks old, she felt like a feather. Her soft cries signaled hunger. She quietly drank from her bottle as I tucked her closer. I looked at her small face and tried to remember - what was this like ? After only but a few minutes, she was passed on to another friend - … Continue reading Stolen Memories


It's been a while since I had a random giveaway on the blog. Today, someone was really thoughtful and kind to me this morning. It really started my day off right. In honor of that, I'd like to pay it forward ! Visit my Instagram to enter - this is a short one, as I … Continue reading Giveaway!

The Outburst

The television blares with the sounds of nursery rhymes. My son climbs too close to the tv stand, engrossed by the moving sights and the repetitive melody. I wince my nose and send a warning that he is again, too close to the tv. It's all but background noise to a 13 month old. I … Continue reading The Outburst

PoshPost is Here

Poshmark announced today that they are adding more options to shipping! The app now offers: Priority Mail Flat Rate Regional Rate Check out their blog for details!

A Look Back

A friend of mine recently gave birth in the very same hospital that I did. Certain details of our experiences were close. We went into labor early due to unexpected circumstances. Her son weighed and measured closely to mine.  They were placed one room away from where I was. Yet, in many ways, we were … Continue reading A Look Back

1 Week until Poshmark’s Birthday!

It's almost here! San Diego is one of many selected cities to host Poshmark's Golden Birthday celebration! December 6th at 6pm! Join your hosts and meet new Poshers for some celebration fun! Network, share Posh stories and have fun with your PFFs! All attendees will receive raffle tickets for some awesome will prizes, some of … Continue reading 1 Week until Poshmark’s Birthday!

#Momlife: Is it Time for Book Club?

Today's feature post is from Megan, of This Anchored Life. Megan writes about #momlife in a relatable  and humorous way. When the opportunity to collaborate arose, I was really glad to see what Megan had to offer.  As much of my blog focuses on some of the struggles of motherhood, it also aims to provide inspiration … Continue reading #Momlife: Is it Time for Book Club?

5 Reasons to Be Thankful

When I was younger, I kept a diary.  I made my own tradition that at Thanksgiving, I'd write about what I was thankful for. On New Years' Eve, I'd write all the things I've done - both regrets and accomplishments, and reflect on what impact those things they had. I'd think about things I wanted … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Be Thankful

The Breakdown

The days would go by, and there was a countdown. Inevitably, my husband would have to return to work. We were only half way through his paternity leave, but I was still terrified. I knew that in a matter of time, my son and I would be alone. I had convinced myself that I was … Continue reading The Breakdown

Poshmark Turns 6!

It's hard to believe that Poshmark will be celebrating their golden anniversary this December! This calls for a Posh Meet-up!  Join your favorite PFFs as they celebrate in style! If you're in San Diego, we would love for you to join! Your hosts are jenn (@jenn_sd), Kristin (@kbbygirl) and Sharon (@noy2312). The party will be … Continue reading Poshmark Turns 6!