Damaged ThredUP Items

There have been so many changes within the Thredup platform, that any user will find them easily through a google searches. Pricing structures, payouts, processing times – it’s all there. I’ve been meaning to write this particular post for quite some time, but with all the drama surrounding ThredUP, it just got left to the wayside.

I have been using ThredUP for quite some time, well before the immense shift in popularity in 2020. I will admit, I wasn’t a pro at it. I sent in deadstock or items that I didn’t want to carry on other platforms. I accepted their low pricing, and sometimes took a loss. It wasn’t until some time later that I realized that I could make more. I changed my process, and increased the prices to slightly more profitable amount. I didn’t take my friend’s advice of raising them much higher until later.

It was then that I started seeing issues with my items. The first began with a NWT Moschino jeweled dress. It was a cocktail type of dress, with sewn in embellishments throughout the neckline and straps. It was listed as NWT, but with “minor fraying”. Someone had purchased the item, then returned it. I let the dress sit until it was sold again or the selling window had expired. When I eventually reclaimed the dress, I was shocked. One jewel was missing on one of the straps, and others were loose, or about to come off. How could their team miss such a thing? Do they not reinspect the dress upon return, and prior to placing it for sale?

I immediately contacted Customer Service. The rep who assisted was very friendly, and issued a payout for what I would have received had the dress been accepted.

My next issue involved a Cinq a Sept dress, which was also NWT. Again, someone had purchased and returned it damaged. It was clearly obvious that someone had worn the dress, as there was debris and markings all over the bottom. Again, I contacted Customer Service. They asked that I return the dress to them and the same remedy was provided.

These situations very concerning. I started to wonder about the integrity and productivity of the team. I recall some time back when they sent back a Moschino skirt, which they said was “too dirty” to accept. Upon receipt of the skirt, I noticed very significant pink staining throughout the inner lining. I couldn’t accept that I had missed such a thing, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt at the time. I never contacted them about it. It wasn’t until I started really looking over my return and reclaimed items, that I noticed that is likely that things were not my oversight.

Including the above, I’ve had the following experiences with unsold, reclaimed items. This is not counting reviewing items that were rejected for “defects”:

  • IRO top at excellent condition, returned with hole in front. Fully compensated.
  • Joie top, completely missing form shipment. Fully compensated.
  • NWT White House Black Market Top, new condition. Returned with brown stain in back. They offered to compensate $4.08.
  • Pepin top, excellent condition. Returned with deep white indentation marks in the back. They offered to compensate $4.08
  • Parker Floral top, excellent condition. Returned with thread runs in the front and side. They offered to compensate $9.12.

As for the last three items, as you can see, they’ve completely abandoned their payout structure from previous shipments. Despite the fact that these items were sent prior to their new policies and pricing changes, they did not want to pay above their initial (low) payouts. I mentioned this to them, and offered to send back the items for appropriate compensation. After that message, they completely stopped responding to me. Every 10 minutes, I would ask for an update. Nothing. It’s as if the agent and the “specialized” agent decided that since they sent the $22 to my account, I should accept it and move on. No explanation, no closure of the case, no acknowledgement of my proposed solution. Finally, after an hour of no response, they stated they would review with their team, but no guaranteed solution.

All of this is unacceptable. I understand that I don’t have to use their service, especially since I do not agree with the new policies. It’s a choice to send items to them, not a necessity.

Thus, when they finalized their new policies in October, I completely stopped sending in new material. I was waiting until the my final boxes in their possession were in the last days of the selling window, in hopes that they would find an appropriate home. I considered sending in lower risk items instead, but after the experience of this last customer service chat, it isn’t worth it. I believe these policies, lack of customer service and lack of responsibility reflect negatively on them. They clearly don’t manage or train their staff well. They no longer take responsibility for mishandling goods, nor does it seem they want to maintain customer service with clients like myself. I am not someone who is looking to cheat the system or unfairly gain more than what I am owed. I am a client who in good faith provided them with high quality items, with the very fair and just expectation that they would be cared for appropriately. I expect appropriate compensation when mishandling occurs on their end, and I expect to be treated professionally.

For those of you who choose to continue business with them, heed the warnings. Look over your items carefully when they are returned to you, and try your best to be fairly compensated. Be prepared to have the same experience that I did. Or, better yet, give your time, money and resources to another resell company more deserving.

2 thoughts on “Damaged ThredUP Items

  1. I’m always late to the game when it comes to anything and I almost sent in 4 boxes of clothing to Thredup but then I started hearing about all the complaints that people were getting such low payouts and boxes were taking several months to be processed even when paying for expedited processing. I decided its not worth it the headache and donated those 4 boxes instead.

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