Travel Diaries: Montreal

Last month, I had the opportunity to go on a business trip to our office in Montreal. I was allowed to take a couple of personal days and was able to view the city a bit! It was a great opportunity to see a few highlights. Vieux Montreal Old Montreal is the site of the … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Montreal

Travel Diaries: Toronto

I was particularly excited about my business trip to Canada. I have a passport stamp from there, but it was only because I was in transit there to another country. That doesn't even count ! Full disclosure: My time in Toronto was very short. I was here on business, so the opportunity to really see … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Toronto

Travel Diaries: Another First

I don't travel all too often to work.  Last year, budgets were revised, and I was on maternity leave when some of them came up. Business trips just weren't a part of the plan that year. Once I returned to work. I didn't have any issues with it.  It meant that I didn't have to … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Another First

Travel Diaries: Vacation from Parenting

The idea of it was at first foreign - leave my child to go on a separate trip?! Who does this? Why? I can’t leave him! Will he be ok? It was hard to imagine being away from our son for more than 10 hours. That’s the most we’ve been away as working parents. Just … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Vacation from Parenting

Travel Diaries: The Incident

I walked up to the storefront ahead of my group with a bit of excitement. The sign mentioned The Philippines, and it looked like a restaurant. At least that's what I thought. "Wait!", my companion held me back. "You do NOT want to go in there. You don't belong there, let's just keep going". I took a closer … Continue reading Travel Diaries: The Incident

Travel Diaries: Amsterdam

My initial top 5 list included Italy as my number 2 travel spot.  Don't get me wrong.  Italy is BEAUTIFUL.  The land, the history, the landmarks, the food. It's amazing over there, and I would go over and over again.  However, I thought I might have to bump it for Amsterdam! I never really had … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Amsterdam

Travel Diaries: Baby’s First Trip!

Four months ago, I would have been scared to go on a plane with my son.  I was convinced he'd be the crying baby and I wouldn't know what to do.  I was afraid I'd forget something he needed. I would have anxiety just thinking of it. After all, I was afraid to go to … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Baby’s First Trip!

Travel Diaries: Japan (Pt 1)

I wrote a while back about my top 5 travel experiences, and Japan was the first. I know that also means I skipped #2, but I'll come back to it.  The reason why this entry exists so early is that I had entered it in a contest about travel experiences. While it didn't win, I … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Japan (Pt 1)

Travel Diaries: Mauritius

When people discovered that I was going to Mauritius, the most common question I got was, “Where is that?” The tiny little island is so far into the Indian Ocean, that many people aren’t aware of it. Mauritius is located far to the East of Madagascar. It is actually known to those in the Middle … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Mauritius

Travel Diaries: Dubai

(Calendar is from Orange Studios, Cities of the World) Never in my life have I ever thought I’d go to Dubai. There were only a few times that it has ever crossed my mind. Once, when I was young, my father had gone there and had brought back a tiny gold ring for me (I … Continue reading Travel Diaries: Dubai