Travel Diaries: Another First

I don’t travel all too often to work.  Last year, budgets were revised, and I was on maternity leave when some of them came up. Business trips just weren’t a part of the plan that year. Once I returned to work. I didn’t have any issues with it.  It meant that I didn’t have to be away from my family, and I could focus on doing my best at adjusting to working mom status.

This year, I’ve been assigned a few trips.  The first one was last month. It was less than a week, and luckily, and within driving proximity (a little over 2 hours).  I wasn’t going to be completely alone, and the days and nights were filled with plans.  Hopefully, it meant that the trip would go by in a blur.

At first, I didn’t think anything of it.  Aside from last year during my leave, this trip was an annual function.  It marked the start of some activities within my industry and line of work, and it was just a part of the things that I do.  However, one single thought changed my line of thinking.  This was going to be my first business trip without my son.

The strange thing was that this would not be the first time that I would be without him.  Last year, we took a family trip, and my husband and I took a separate side trip without our son. Our son was with us the first part of the trip, and we left him with family for four days.  We came back to him, and finished the trip as a trio. I suppose the difference in that trip was that we chose to do that, and that I was with my husband.  I chose the trip, I felt control over it. I was comfortable with going without my son. That was my own decision.

The first (work) trip without baby! (

The business trip was different because I’d be alone. I didn’t get to choose to go to this trip. I didn’t decide to leave my son. Additionally, I wouldn’t have my husband with me. Instead, he’d be responsible with caring for our son on his own once he returned for work.  Somehow, this felt a lot more stressful to me. I began to dread it.  I would miss my son. I would be anyway from him because someone else said I had to. The thoughts ran through my mind up until the moment I left my home.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I felt sad. I missed my son already. Once I spoke with my husband, I felt even more alone. During meetings, I would look at his pictures. I would wonder what he was doing without me there.

To help me during the rest of the trip, my husband would call me in the morning and at night so that I could keep in touch. I missed a few of those calls, and I would feel terrible about it. It almost felt like another transition in motherhood; just one more thing to adjust to in working mom life.

In hindsight, I think that feeling was right. The first day was uncomfortable, but only because it was different. As soon as I focused on work, it wasn’t as unbearable. I would get pictures during the day, and sometimes, I’d feel a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to see him in person.   But, I looked forward to seeing him again.

I also didn’t expect to enjoy being alone.  It was great to have that some extra time on my own, and at a reasonable hour.  After my meetings and dinners ended, I had time to look at my own things, and catch up on reading and the blog.  I was able to sleep in when it was possible.  I felt a little like my old self, and it was surprisingly enjoyable.

Working mom life is just full of transitions and adjustments! My next trip is coming up in a few weeks, and it is international.  Given the distance, I know it’ll be a little difficult.  I’ve got one trip under my belt, so I’ll be a little more prepared for my next one !

11 thoughts on “Travel Diaries: Another First

  1. I can’t imagine being away without my son. Sometimes I moan that I would like to go somewhere without him and when eventually we have a chance to go out I think about my son what he is doing if he is alright. So being away for a couple days is like a big NO for me


  2. I am still struggling with spending a few hours away from my baby girl so I couldn’t imagine what you are going through with traveling for days or over a week away. I hope your next trip flies by so you will be back cuddling with your little one!


  3. Awww this totally brings me back to a short 4-day trip I had last summer- I missed my son SOOO much! It’s so hard to leave your kids for any period of time :(.


  4. That must be so hard! That’s great that in the end you were able to enjoy some alone time and feel like your old self. Hopefully it will make the next one a little easier


  5. I am glad you went and was able to enjoy it, even if it was for work. I think the international will be a little harder only because how far away you’ll be.


  6. I used to travel for work when my boys were small. It was so hard to be away from them, especially when they are so young. Thankfully today we can do Skype or Zoom so we can do video calls and talk to each other and show each other things. I’m glad your trip went well! Hopefully next time it will be a bit easier.


  7. My husband took his first business trip last winter for two weeks. It was hard being away from him, but we managed. On the flip side of it, I’ve been offered press trips where I would be traveling alone, and I turned them down because I’m really shy and afraid to travel by myself. Maybe some day I will get over that and be able to enjoy press trips by myself, but for right now, I prefer trips that I can bring my husband and kids along, because I can’t stand to be away from them.


  8. Being away can be hard! I hope you use this next trip to re charge! One thing that brings me comfort is to buy a small gift for my boys while I’m away. Their smiles give me so much joy.

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