The Judge

I didn't think much about it until about halfway through the session. Then, I caught it. A look of disapproval and annoyance. I thought I was overreacting. Towards the end of class, you made a comment. You were talking to someone else about their child, but was staring right at me. You said something along … Continue reading The Judge

A Mommy Story: There’s Something About Hannah

In this edition of A Mommy Story, we meet Liz and her daughter Hannah.  As Liz dealt with her daughter's diagnosis, she learned to grow to love both herself and her daughter. As any first time parent, things were exciting and new for us. Our baby was growing and doing things like any child would. … Continue reading A Mommy Story: There’s Something About Hannah

The Non-Verbal Impact

We would mention it every now and then. It seemed a little strange to us that our son could make so much progress in some things, but not make as much in another. We told ourselves that in time, he'd come around. Secretly, I knew that something was a little off. During his 15 month … Continue reading The Non-Verbal Impact

A Mommy Story: Sigoni

In this edition of a Mommy Story, we meet Sigoni . Finding herself in the most difficult of situations, Sigoni found a way to  live a life that she and her son deserved. I used to despise fairy tales, because no matter how much we wanted them to be, they weren’t reality based at all. … Continue reading A Mommy Story: Sigoni

A Different Life

It's a bright day. I find myself in a clean, white room. I don't recall how I got there. The room is neatly decorated with things that I cannot recognize. I'm confused. I walked down the hall, which has a strange sense of familiarity. Yet, I've never been here. When I reach the next room, … Continue reading A Different Life

5 Surprising Ways Motherhood Changes You

Everyone says that becoming a mother is a life-changing event.  The lifestyle changes, the responsibility and the incredible love for another, are common examples of how much of an impact a child can make.  In this edition of #momlife, guest author Keira Robilotto discusses other things that we just might have not have expected! When I … Continue reading 5 Surprising Ways Motherhood Changes You

Transitioning To a Working Mommy

No matter how long you've been on maternity leave, coming back to work is tough. There are so many changes involved with pregnancy and motherhood. Transition to the workplace doesn't make that easier. Factor in PPD / PPA and you've got a LOT going on. There are so many changes mentally and hormonal to deal … Continue reading Transitioning To a Working Mommy

I Had a Poshmark Return

In the 4+ years that I've been selling on Poshmark, I can recall two previous times where I had to deal with a return. The first return was during my initial months of selling. During this time, you were only limited to 4 photos a listing. I thought that I had described my item as … Continue reading I Had a Poshmark Return

Avoiding the Overshare

At first, it seemed so innocent. Just another innocuous post from someone I used to know. Soon, they posted more frequently. What's more, each one became a little more personal and detailed than the last. Then, the floodgates opened. Very personal details about their life, not so subtle hints about their health and relationships were … Continue reading Avoiding the Overshare

A Mommy Story: Preparing for Motherhood

The first Mommy Story post for this year is from Seema. Unforeseen circumstances led an expecting Seema to face motherhood without much support. With careful planning, she was able to build a foundation to help her and her children. Preparing To Give Birth Going through the process of procreating is challenging for most women. Managing … Continue reading A Mommy Story: Preparing for Motherhood