Humility & International Women’s Day

This quote was brought up during a work seminar for #internationalwomensday. I actually like this. It ties back with the discussion on how we present ourselves and work styles.

In the workplace, this means more of being open to your colleagues opinions, acknowledging those who make a contribution, and making others feel empowered. It can translate to your personal life as well.

In a traditionally male dominated industry, it was very difficult to feel seen. I was much younger than my peers. I didn’t “ look” experienced. And yes, there were times where a man called me “Honey” or treated me a little differently because I am female. Back then, I didn’t say much because I wanted to be humble and not show disrespect.

Fast forward to a more experienced me – I advised the male vendor that his tone, word choice and tone were inappropriate. I am the customer, the company’s chosen subject matter expert, so I do know what I am talking about. Talking over me and insisting that he knew more because “he’s been in the business” was extremely inappropriate.

Younger me would have never said a word. I learned to not think of myself less and see myself as my equal to my peers. I learn everyday and still work on this.

What are you doing on #IWD? Have you come across any interesting or enlightening topics?

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