Travel Diaries: Amsterdam

My initial top 5 list included Italy as my number 2 travel spot.  Don’t get me wrong.  Italy is BEAUTIFUL.  The land, the history, the landmarks, the food. It’s amazing over there, and I would go over and over again.  However, I thought I might have to bump it for Amsterdam!

I never really had any interest in Amsterdam. After all, people only go there for legalized drugs and the red light district, right? WRONG! I was so wrong!

I was so lucky to take this impromptu trip to this wonderful and beautiful city a few years ago.  The husband and I enjoyed a lot of the art and museums, the wonderful architecture and famous canals. Of course we took a quick stroll through the famous red light district (I promise just a quick stroll in the daytime). We just aren’t the people to sample the legalized drugs there, but we did witness a funny interaction between a young guy and his fear over whether or not his hands were indeed his (Omg guys,are these my hands?? Oh no,  my mom is going to get SO mad that these hands aren’t MINE!!!)

I took so many pictures, but I can only manage a few here.

Anne Frank Amsterdam

I wasn’t able to get a very good picture of it, but this is a statue dedicated to Anne Frank. We managed to get to see the house in which she and her family stayed in.  There wasn’t as long as a wait to get through, and it’s shocking and saddening to think of what she lived through. You hear the stories, and you read the book, but it doesn’t hit you until you see it in person.


We stopped by many museums, including the one for Rembrandt. Loved it!

Canal Views AmsterdamCanal Tour Amsterdam

We took the canal tour…obligatory for a first timer!


So many lovely flowers in the market, including their famous tulips!

It just goes to show, keep an open mind, and you may just be pleasantly surprised with what you get! I would have been remiss if I didn’t take this trip.  I loved every bit of it, and highly recommend Amsterdam for all that it has to offer.

Until next time Netherlands, I can’t wait to go back!



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