Kindness Challenge Week 4: Kindness Role Models

This week’s challenge involved focusing on kindness role models. In the most difficult moments of our lives, the kindness from others is of utmost importance.  While there are so many kind people in my life, I really wanted to focus on one person.

I met “Elle” while we were both in the thick of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. As the weeks went by, we found solace in each other’s pain and shared experiences, and I found comfort through her words and support. I truly believe that she (among so many others) helped me through the darkest moments of my life. 

Dear Elle,

I remember the first day we met. It’s strange but, it seems that in the most painful moments, we found comfort in knowing that someone was feeling the same.

Without hesitation, you offered to become my friend. I, however, was hesitant, because I am always reluctant when I meet new people. You, on the other hand, were open and supportive from the start.

You never judged me or other people for the things that PPD and PPA made us feel or do. If anyone had an issue, you made sure that you were there for them.

You helped me through my issues and forced me to look outside my comfort zone. Our daily texts made me feel less alone. I was comforted by the fact that I could confide in you.

During group sessions, you gave your honest feedback and reflections, in hopes that you could help someone else. You were one of the first to offer support and friendship to others You were selfless even in your own time of need.

As we got better, you helped me conquer my fears.  You encouraged me when I was pessimistic and disheartened.  You tried to do so many things on your own, and inspired others to do so. You became a role model and began to reach out to others.

I think it’s pretty obvious why you’re a kindness role model. Not many people have the same strength that you do. How many of us can turn a time of pain into opportunity to help others? How many of us instinctively reach out and befriend those in need?

You are kind without hesitation. You are strength in moments of weakness. You are a true friend to those who need you.

Elle, there are so many painful and hurtful things that come from PPD and PPA. Despite that, it gave me our friendship. We may have never met if not for our shared experience. I have learned so much from you in such a short time.  Thank you….thank you for showing me what it is to be truly and selflessly kind.

💙, jenn

Stock photo from stock, artist Rowan Heuvel

52 thoughts on “Kindness Challenge Week 4: Kindness Role Models

  1. Your words touched me, Jenn. Hope you shared your beautiful post with Elle. She deserves to know the positive impact she had on your life. Often, the special someone we meet in a time of great need is the answer to our prayers.

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  2. I love this! I think this is what the world needs more of, often we’re so wrapped up in the negative that we forget to be grateful for the hidden gems in our lives! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. It’s hard going through postpartum depression. I dealt with this for a little over a year with my first son and it morphed into anxiety and depression like moments. I’ve had my best friend for 8 years and I absolutely love her to death, if it wasn’t for her at my lowest time I probably wouldn’t be here experience the highest I’ve been. It’s hard and I’ll be here for you if you ever need me.

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    • I’m so there with you mama. I know what that’s like. Im so glad that you had your friend there for support. I think the positive thing that comes out of it is that people like you and i want to help others! I look forward to reading about your journeys!


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