Travel Diaries: Montreal - business trip to MontrealLast month, I had the opportunity to go on a business trip to our office in Montreal. I was allowed to take a couple of personal days and was able to view the city a bit! It was a great opportunity to see a few highlights.

Vieux Montreal

Old Montreal is the site of the many famous sites. It’s a historic neighborhood that’s home to many famous structures and sites including Notre Dame Basilica, the Old Port, and the Chateau Ramezay. I had a chance to walk around a check a few of them out. I really enjoyed looking at the architecture – it’s amazing to think how much history is in this area!

Notre Dame Basilica

Inside the Notre Dame

A view from the Old Port.

The Montreal Botanical Gardens

I don’t think I was quite prepared for the size of the Gardens. It’s well worth a visit. It’s so large, that there’s a tram that stops at various areas to take you to the different gardens. There are various garden themes to walk through, and a large park like area as well. It was beautiful and calming – if I lived here, I come often!

Cité Mémoire

One of the things that I missed out on was Cité Mémoire. It’s an ongoing art installation by a couple of artists; scenes depicting historically inspired stories are projected on numerous buildings throughout the older versions of Montreal. I attempted to download the app, which provides the sound for each of the scenes. It never worked for me, but visually, they looked interesting!

We stayed in a hotel that was close to the Notre Dame. I highly recommend selecting a hotel within the area. Nearly everything was within reasonable walking distance!

I wish that we had more time to explore all that Montreal has to offer. There’s so much history here, and it’s amazing to see. Until next time, Montreal!

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