Damaged ThredUP Items

There have been so many changes within the Thredup platform, that any user will find them easily through a google searches. Pricing structures, payouts, processing times - it's all there. I've been meaning to write this particular post for quite some time, but with all the drama surrounding ThredUP, it just got left to the … Continue reading Damaged ThredUP Items

Reseller Sourcing: B&G Trading Review

This review was written without any compensation from B&G Trading. All items were paid in full at time of purchase. As a reseller, I’m always looking for creative ways to build my inventory. My closet is a mixture; it contains things that I personally owned, items that were donated to me, and items that were … Continue reading Reseller Sourcing: B&G Trading Review

Because of Brianna

I don't remember how I came across her store. I only remember that I liked the atmosphere and variety in it. It didn't feel commercial or general like the big name stores. There was a great feel to it. As a new mom, I was happy that there was a place where I could actually … Continue reading Because of Brianna

5 Tips for Poshmark Buyers

There's quite a few tips and tricks out there for Poshmark sellers. In fact, I've written a few. However, I thought I'd change it up a bit and write about a few things Poshmark sellers wished buyers understood. 1. Please read the item description. A good seller will write what you need in the description. … Continue reading 5 Tips for Poshmark Buyers

10 Great Buys from The Mom Made Market

I love the opportunity to support small businesses. I always get excited when there are Farmer's Markets, Pop-up Shops and markets like The Mom Made Market. Today marked the first of two days in Del Mar. I definitely enjoyed my time: These wonderful and talented people will still be at The Del Mar fairgrounds tomorrow … Continue reading 10 Great Buys from The Mom Made Market