10 Great Buys from The Mom Made Market

I love the opportunity to support small businesses. I always get excited when there are Farmer’s Markets, Pop-up Shops and markets like The Mom Made Market. Today marked the first of two days in Del Mar. I definitely enjoyed my time:

These wonderful and talented people will still be at The Del Mar fairgrounds tomorrow from 10am – 4pm. Please check them out!

1. San Diego #shoplikeamother totes from The Mom Made Market. 

2.  San Diego and Little Cub watercolor prints by Happy Hart Co

3.  World Map Wood Art by The Treasure Hunts

4. Canvas Tote with Leather Handles by Pepper Place Designs

5.  Mini Chewbacca Pillow by Little Fruit Tree

6. Leather Macrame Cushion procured by Eclectic Collective

7.  Geometric Bear Joggers by b.haven. 

8. “We Sip Leche” and “I Run this Mother” tee and onesie by Perfectly Baked

9. Giraffe Tee by Bear and Little Bird

10. Long Black Dress with pockets by EverlyB. 

I wish I could have gotten more, but my wallet thought otherwise 😂. If you aren’t in the area, please check out their work on their linked sites !

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