Because of Brianna

I don't remember how I came across her store. I only remember that I liked the atmosphere and variety in it. It didn't feel commercial or general like the big name stores. There was a great feel to it. As a new mom, I was happy that there was a place where I could actually … Continue reading Because of Brianna

Five Tips for Effective Networking

Ok, let's be honest. Who really loves networking ? At first glance, there's so many things about it that make it uncomfortable:  You're putting yourself out there, so there's a sense of vulnerability. Approaching complete strangers. Enough said. Attempting to sound interesting enough to make a meaningful connection and maintain it. The energy. No one … Continue reading Five Tips for Effective Networking

Reseller Tips: Packaging Gaps

“Reseller Tips” is a new series where I discuss quick tips on making the reseller and buyer experiences more efficient. Subscribe to the blog for regular updates! Seems obvious, but let’s just put it out there ! Don’t fill those polymailers (or boxes!) to the brim! Avoid it if at all possible. Leave a little … Continue reading Reseller Tips: Packaging Gaps

Source, List, Repeat!

Like many others, I started reselling online to clean out my closet. I first started in 2010 with eBay. Off and on, I'd clear out my collection of fashion items, simply seeing the activity as an online garage sale for the occasion cleanout. In 2013, I kept seeing advertisements for Poshmark. My closets were bursting … Continue reading Source, List, Repeat!

Review: Massage Maui Style

I did not receive any compensation to review this vendor. All opinions are of Link and photo published with permission of Massage Maui Style. During one of my overseas business trips, I decided to get a massage during my free time. The flight was unbearably long and I was in discomfort. Once the treatment … Continue reading Review: Massage Maui Style

10 Great Buys from The Mom Made Market

I love the opportunity to support small businesses. I always get excited when there are Farmer's Markets, Pop-up Shops and markets like The Mom Made Market. Today marked the first of two days in Del Mar. I definitely enjoyed my time: These wonderful and talented people will still be at The Del Mar fairgrounds tomorrow … Continue reading 10 Great Buys from The Mom Made Market