Review: Massage Maui Style

I did not receive any compensation to review this vendor. All opinions are of Link and photo published with permission of Massage Maui Style.

During one of my overseas business trips, I decided to get a massage during my free time. The flight was unbearably long and I was in discomfort. Once the treatment ended, the therapist advised that she felt a lot of tension in my back. I mentioned the flight time, but she responded in a concerned tone that I needed to focus more on my self care.

Unfortunately, I didn’t heed her advice. Although I was never in severe pain, I would experience some discomfort and tension now and then. I never did anything about it. My husband was the same way.

Thus, when the opportunity came for a couples massage, we jumped at it. What more did we want on a baby-free vacation?

The issue was, all of the spas and hotels within the Maui area were quite expensive. There were great reviews, but that specific experience wasn’t what we wanted. We looked into independent spas and therapists, but many places were booked. Others never called us back.

I was more than relieved when Carolina of Massage Maui Style agreed to work with us. One of the best bonuses of Carolina’s services was the convenience. She and her partner came to offer mobile massage service. We were in a spacious room, which overlooked a fish pond and has ocean views. It provided both a serene and private location.


Carolina was upbeat and professional, and had a great background. Both she and her partner arrived on time. It was so convenient!

I selected a mini facial and an hour massage. Carolina is very strong ! She got the amount of pressure I needed almost immediately. She did well with my trouble areas and was very receptive to my problem areas. I felt relaxed and calm. Most importantly, she was able to work out all the tension areas. Her years of experience in hotel spa and therapy really showed. She was personable and easy to talk to. She was quiet when I needed her to be, and good at conversation when the time called for it.

The mini-facial was good. I enjoyed the essential oils that she used. This would have been the second facial in my lifetime, so I don’t have as much experience. My face was oily and sweaty from the hot and humid weather, so I thought the mini-facial would be great. I did enjoy the work she did. My face felt fresh and clean. Obviously, since this was just a mini-facial, it did not have the same services or results as a full one. However, my face felt fresh, relaxed and clean. I did feel like it washed away all surface dirt from the day.

The only issue I had was that Carolina did not review the products she before the service. I saw a number of products on the table, some which appeared to be drug-store brands. I would have liked to discuss them in order to determine if they were the right mix for my face and skin. Luckily, I am not sensitive to many products, so things turned out fine.

My husband also liked his massage. He had been experiencing some discomfort in his lower back, which his therapist was able to work out nicely. He felt the post massage soreness after, but once that dissipated, he felt great.

Prior to this experience, we had never received a couples massage. I’m not entirely sure what the romantic features of such a service is supposed to be. Yes, we were in the room together. Other than that, we paid no attention to each one another. We didn’t need or want to. All that mattered is that we were able to feel much better. It was relaxing and calm.


If you’re in the Maui area, I would highly recommend calling Carolina of Massage Maui Style! The service was really convenient and both therapists were highly qualified. Thanks Carolina !

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