Increasing Poshmark Sales: 30mm, 2.0

Increasing Poshmark Sales with 30mm -

Since the implementation of the Poshmark Ambassador program, users have been trying to figure ways to increase their Poshmark sales. Earlier in the year, I discussed the 30 minute method from the Poshmark Analytics Facebook group. While still a valid method, users were wondering how it could be adjusted to accommodate the changes in Poshmark.

Lyn Cromar (@lynemma) who initially began the 30mm under Poshmark Analytics, has updated the process to include the Poshmark Ambassador program. Since the program specifically looks at different ways of engagement, the method was updated to reflect that.

Poshmark 30 Minute Method - Part two!

So, what changed?

It still involves activity within 30 minutes or so, and listing, sharing and following daily.

The new method includes sharing from your feed, which highlights the fact that Poshmark Ambassador status requires a certain number of shares.

Following suggested users, your own users and new closets has been replaced with following other ambassadors, which change instantly with every refresh of the screen.

Welcoming new users is no longer mentioned.

Daily listing is still emphasized, and continues to be a successful method for many users.

But does it work?

Lyn has advised that testing within the Analytics group indicates that the new Ambassador method is successful. She plans on doing further testing, but current data does support it.

I have followed this method and practiced elements of it. I am not entirely sure how successful it is for my closet because it’s difficult for me to be consistent. Success for me is thus far debatable. I am making some sales, but it’s hard to say what drove them.

Additionally, I kept the idea of welcoming new Poshers, because I noticed that my customer base consisted mainly of newer users. I also made it a point to share users who had just made their first listing.

However, if anything, I do believe that both versions of the 30mm bring order and organization. It allows short bursts of activity throughout the day, which is still rewarded over time in Posh. To me, increased productivity is a win!

What are your thoughts on both versions of the 30mm?

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7 thoughts on “Increasing Poshmark Sales: 30mm, 2.0

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      • Thank you for your articles and tips. They really help! I can’t seem to find where you see ambassadors either. When I go to my feed, on the upper left side, I only see recent listings and recent brands. Do you have to look on an app in the phone?


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