Increasing Poshmark Sales: 30mm

IMG_0858The 30mm, known as the 30 Minute Method, is a way of gaining traffic and sales through a specific usage of the Poshmark application.  It is the creation of Lyn Cromar (@lynemma) and the Poshmark Analytics Group. The group has spent a considerable amount of time analyzing various Poshmark data and potential algorithms to determine the best use of the app. Their method, the 30mm, indicates that a user can perform a certain amount of actions within 30 minutes each day, and see a considerable increase in sales and followers.

For background purposes, I have been using Poshmark for some time. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been a casual user since 2013, and I have a large amount of followers. My closet is not really a business for me, but a long time hobby. As a result, I was not generally posting my listings in hopes of large profits. I used to spend a considerable amount of time on the app, mainly just sharing. After I came back from my Posh break, I realized that I had spent all that time on it, but hadn’t really moved much of my inventory.  While it was still a hobby, I also wanted to use it as a means to clean out my closets and make room for my infant son’s belongings.

A couple of searches brought me to the 30mm and the Poshmark Analytics Group. As you can see from the graphic below, it involves a very specific list of tasks to perform in a short amount of time. Per the group’s Facebook Page:

“The 30 Minute Method is the foundation to Poshmark Analytics. It leads to dependable income for part-time Poshmark sellers. Start today… see consistent daily sales in a few days and keep the momentum going by doing it daily, in order and as complete as possible”


The vast majority of users within the Poshmark Group had almost immediate success.  Many indicated a huge jump in their followers, as well as the amount of sharing from other users. Most importantly, they saw an increase of sales! All this, from a much shorter amount of time on the app.

My personal experience was not exactly the same.  I did not see any sales for the first 10 days of utilizing the method. However, I did gain a lot more free time, which in itself was valuable.  Sometime in the second week of utilizing the method, I started seeing weekly sales.  I didn’t see an uptick in followers, since being a Suggested User already allots for this. I did see more bundles and likes, and offers (albeit lowball).  While they all didn’t translate to sales, again, this was a success because I was spending much less time on the app. I was also finally started to move inventory that had been stuck in my closet for months.

While I am never able to completely follow the 30mm every day, I do make sure to follow most of these elements, even if out of order.  Since that second week, I have sold items at least 3 days of each week.  That’s not bad for a small time hobby.

In my opinion, the method and the group works. I am constantly learning from other users, and find ways to make my closet more appealing.  For me, the most poignant and valuable things that I learned from the 30mm and the Poshmark Analytics group are as follows:

  • List 3 items daily.  Prior to this, I never listed unless I had anything I wanted to get rid of. Listing is important – there’s something in the Poshmark algorithm that flags your closet as more active with listings. Also, each time you list, the items tend to find their way closer to the top of the search results. Since most sales are from searches, this is key!
  • Following: I used to never follow people back. Following ups your engagement in the app, and reminds people of your closet.
  • Welcoming closets: The new buyer is very important. Welcome new poshers, and help where you can. It can lead to a new sale.  It increases your engagement. It seems to be true for me, since a good amount of my sales in the last months came from fairly new poshers.

Overall, I do believe this method is effective in increasing your Poshmark sales.  As I said before, Poshmark is all about engagement, and this method really embraces that.  This is all about efficient usage of the app.  Sharing repeatedly without results is not efficient or profitable.  The 30mm and similar methods find a way for part-time users like myself engage in the app without sacrificing your personal life.  Just like a work-life balance, there should be a Posh-life balance too!

If you’re interested in the Poshmark Analytics Group, the 30mm and other Poshmark related questions from seasoned users, contact @lynemma, or search the Poshmark Analytics Group on Facebook.

34 thoughts on “Increasing Poshmark Sales: 30mm

    • It really just depends on what you have time for. When I had 500 items, it took at least 20-30 minutes to share my entire closet. This is before all the other activities to help promote your closet.

      If you can spare the time, I would share as much as you can. If you’re on a time crunch, you can do the 30mm activities multiple times a day.

      Overall, the best thing is giving more exposure – so sharing more definitely more optimal. The 30mm is tailored for short bursts of activity.


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