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Last October, Poshmark replaced the Suggested User status with the Poshmark Ambassador program.  As a previous SU, I was grandfathered into the PA program.  I described my first three weeks under the program here.  This post continues to be one of the best performing posts on the blog (the first one is the original 30mm post).  Common search terms that lead to the post include “What is a Poshmark Ambassador” and “Poshmark Ambassador Benefits”.  Since it’s been about 6 months since I last wrote the initial post, I thought it would be useful to note how things have been since then.

The past 6 months as a Poshmark Ambassador...(thismommyisreal.com)

Influx of Followers: I still see a good amount of new followers, but it’s not as much as when the program first began.  It’s difficult to determine whether or not sales came from the numbers.  I have a larger feed, but it’s not an issue to me.

Little to No User Activity: The number of likes increased in the months following. I had more people visiting and sharing my closet as well.  The likes, however, aren’t as high as in previous years.  I believe that this can be attributed to the offer to likes function; many users believe that buyers are liking less items to avoid being bombarded with many offers from sellers using the function.  Overall though, there is more user activity than when the program first launched.

No Poshmark Sales:  Luckily for me, sales picked up not too long after the post, and have been fairly steady since then.  There were some periods of slowdown, and it was at that time that I decided to diversify.  I have been averaging around 30+ items a month, with the majority of those sales coming from Poshmark. As I always say, numbers mean different things to different people.  I try to keep about 250 items available. I am very much a hobby seller, and I try not to spend more than an hour each day on Poshmark.  I have a lot of things on my plate, and Poshmark takes up a very small percentage of it. My time spent is broken up throughout the day, and can only be done during work breaks, during meals or short periods at night. Additionally, I stick to a specific number when it comes to profit margins.  So, while my volume may be lower to some, the margins are there.

What I’ve Done Since: I still continue to use the Poshmark 30 Minute Method or at least a mod version of it). My original statement still stands; the app will still need activity and it should vary between listing and sharing.  No matter how much time I spend on the app, I always make sure to list at least 1 item a day, and share my entire closet at least once. I try to share some closets, return some shares and welcome new Poshers.  This, however, only really happens when I have more than 10 minutes to spare.  Regardless, I feel that the activity has made a difference.

Seller Tools: I do try to utilize the seller tools, but I don’t always see success with them.   I no longer use the Price Drop Tool, because I never really saw any benefit from it.  I still use the offer options to those who make bundles.  It seems that people are more receptive to this than I thought.  I’ve made a decent amount of sales from using this tool.

As I mentioned, I didn’t really have much luck on the offer to likes tool. I had a few days where it worked, but for the most part, my offers have gone ignored.  I’m sure that buyers are getting frustrated by the process. I will only consider using it from time to time on certain items.

Overall, it seems that things have improved since my last review on the Poshmark Ambassador program.  For those that wonder if there are any benefits, I can only say that exposure may be one.  It is definitely a milestone to users who have been selling fairly recently, and a sort of “badge” to have within the community.  Unfortunately, because I engage in various activities within the app, I don’t have empirical data to correlate the success of a closet to PA status.

Finally, if you’re worried about the impact the status may have on your closet, don’t.  Success doesn’t just come from one thing in this particular platform. As I’ve said before, it’s all about engagement. Poshmark rewards engagement. Buyers respond to in-demand, aesthetically pleasing inventory, and overall good deals.  Success means taking all of these things, and creating a strategy that works for you.  PA status or not, that’s what I think makes the difference!

How has the PA program been working for you? I’d love to hear your experience!

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