How to Sell on Poshmark: Share your listings!

There’s no shortage of advice on how to sell on Poshmark. I myself have published various posts on how to increase your sales. These include the 30 Minute Method 1.0, 30 Minute Method 2.0, and guests posts from successful Poshers. This past year, I decided to try something simple, and based on a core aspect of Poshmark itself: sharing. More specifically, self-shares.

Poshmark is not a “post and leave it” type of app. In order to sell your items consistently, you need to engage. This means a number of different things on a frequent basis: posting, commenting, sharing your own listings, sharing other listings, etc. The amount of effort you put in is consistently reflected in the amount of your sales. If you’re a frequent user, then your Poshmark sales are likely to be fairly consistent. If you use the app every now and then, your sales are probably stagnant.

Towards the end of March, I decided to engage differently in the application by focusing on my self-shares. While I did share other user’s listings, I did less of them. I followed users, but in smaller blocks. I posted 1 – 3 items a day, but not the same amount daily. When it came to the self-shares, I decided to do at least two full closet shares daily. I shared all of my listings in the morning (all in one sitting), and again sometime in the afternoon / evening. I participated in the parties when feasible, but not always. One closet share is done via ENL (Edit, Next, List) and the second is done by sharing normally. (While not completely proven, ENL is said to ensure that the listing is shown as active, and may appear higher in searches).

Since implementing the full closet share method, I have seen the following:

Increase of User Activity

It takes about 20 minutes for me to share my 500 items. During this period, there is a significant increase of likes, shares, follows and bundles. I have seen the total notifications from this period reach between 250 – 300. Some users will purchase or submit an offer during this time.

Increase in Poshmark Sales

I do believe that this type of sharing has resulted in an increased amount of Poshmark sales. I went through a bit of a dry spell in March through the first week of April. I sold less than half of my monthly goal in March (I was closed for a week). At the beginning of April, I made only 1 sale. Once I started the sharing my full closet, the activity picked up about a week later. In April, I went from 1 sale to nearly 30 items in a less than a few weeks.

(Note: my sales goals are low. As a part-time seller who limits time on the app, I am fine with an average of 1-3 sales daily, with minimum profit of 4-5x investment on most items, excluding high demand / designer).

Efficiency and Time Management

I’m not a full-time seller. I’ve got various things going on, so there are some days where I struggle to maintain activity on Poshmark. By sharing only twice a day, I allow more time for myself, but ensure that my closet sees activity. I can still share to parties if I have time, but those can be curated and timed more easily.

My self-shares have gone up considerably as well. I have gone to an average of 10,000 monthly shares to over 30,000. This is important, as I means that my items are getting much more exposure than before.

The size of one’s closet obviously impacts how you share. Being at 500 items, it takes time to ENL and share. I alternate between the iPad and phone, depending on where I am. I separate kids from women’s listing. Other than that, there’s no particular organization so I can share rather quickly. As I mentioned, it can take about 20 minutes. Some users state that sharing on a computer is much faster. I’ve attempted it, but it didn’t work for me.

Overall, changing my sharing strategies have obviously made a difference. I’ve seen a positive increase in sales, and overall activity. I would definitely recommend increasing self-sharing, and if possible, sharing your entire closet in a single sitting, at least twice a day.

Would you recommend this method? What other strategies have you employed to increase your Poshmark sales?

Stay tuned for the next post, where I discuss methods of sharing!

7 thoughts on “How to Sell on Poshmark: Share your listings!

  1. I definitely agree, I started doing this as well & my sales improved so much! I also started offering private offers to those that like my items & it helped too! There are also days when business is slow for me, like the middle of the month, I usually have many sales in the beginning and towards the end of the month, at least that’s been my experience. Thank you for sharing & I look forward to checking out your blogs. -Anna


  2. I recommend this way of sharing for sure. When you share your own items (not someone else) they go to the top of the search feed compared to others sharing your items, they go to their followers. Thanks so much for this information. I also use this ENL way of sharing.


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