Poshmark Q + A

We had a great time in San Diego hosting Poshmark’s Golden Birthday! Thanks to @suanfashion, @kbbygirl, @noy2312 & @mimisdbest for co-hosting the celebration! A special thank you to the attendees and all of our new PFFs! It was great sharing stories and meeting everyone. Finally, we sincerely thank The Boxing Club and Scentsy Consultant, Alisa Haynes for donating items to our raffle. The winners were very excited!

Poshmark Questions at thismommyisreal.com

We had some great questions from our Q&A session! Some of our hosts have provided their responses.

Note – these are only the opinions of the hosts themselves and don’t necessarily reflect Poshmark or the community ideas.

1.  Do you videotape packaging your items?

jenn_sd: No. I know a lot of individuals do so to protect themselves. I haven’t come across a situation where I felt the need to.

noy2312 : I don’t videotape as I package my items. I trust my items so much but if my gut says to video, I will.

mimisdbest : I only record items priced over $25 and that’s only if my buyer asks a million questions about my items and or if I feel that not all angles of my item was photographed.

suanfashion : I do not-I believe that this is a pretty big waste of time. I haven’t had enough cases opened to really warrant this. I have won the majority of my cases simply by being honest, and have accurate descriptions and photos in the listing to begin with.

2. Do you connect your closets to social media?

jenn_sd: I have public social media accounts for my blog, which sometimes feature listings  from my closet or Poshmark related topics.

noy2312 : Connecting closets to social media has been proven effective especially for boutique items. The more exposure you get, the better.

mimisdbest : I do.

suanfashion : Yes, but this is not my speciality. I do connect to social media when I share from my phone.

3. How do you sell more clothes quickly ?

jenn_sd: There isn’t one method that works perfectly, but I keep my account active by following elements of the 30 minute method. Since I’ve started that and following suggestions from the Facebook Group, Poshmark Analytics, I have found more success.

noy2312: Well, sharing your closet frequently regardless will bring sales but lately, my sales has been far and between.

mimisdbest : Sharing like crazy!

suanfashion : There is no easy answer to this. The selling process takes time, dedication and patience. Sharing your own closet and posting clear photos is the best (and most basic) way to sell more on Poshmark. Don’t waste time stressing over the occasional rating that is less than 5 stars, or the buyers’ actions. I see a lot of time wasted by new sellers worrying about a “lowball” offer or a comment from another posher…Don’t worry about it!

4. What do you do if you receive an item covered in animal hair? Do you still rate 5 stars?

jenn_sd: If it was a smidge of animal hair that was easily missed, I probably would have let it go. If it was an amount that indicated that the seller didn’t take proper care of the item, I have some issues with it. It wouldn’t be a 5 star rating in my opinion.

noy2312: Receiving items with dog hair is very unsanitary and Poshmark will always side on the one that received one. Report it. Rate it low.

mimisdbest Never have. I would probably rate a 4 Star if the item came as described and if they failed to mention they have animals in their home.

suanfashion : No. Is it 5-Star worthy? This is subjective…but I wouldn’t give 5 stars.

5. What do you think of boutiques and how do you stand out if you’re a boutique seller?

jenn_sd: Boutiques are a great way to showcase items to a specific audience. I have seen some closets become very successful. They did so with heavy interaction with other Poshers and marketing via social media and other avenues. I think success really depends on what you’re carrying and how you market it.

mimisdbest : Boutiques are great if you’re carrying items outside of the wholesale portal. If you start within the wholesale portal, you’re carrying the same inventory as other Boutiques.

suanfashion : I have many boutique items, and only sell NWT/Boutique. Everyone has their own niche. The boutique items sold on Poshmark are easily available to every other posher….and yet some people are still selling a ton of it. I personally purchase boutique items wholesale elsewhere. We started on Posh because we were selling wholesale clothing here in San Diego and discovered another area of opportunity. I do not recommend blindly jumping into boutique/wholesale purchasing without first talking to somebody with first hand knowledge. I see a lot of comments/questions in the various Facebook groups about wholesale/Boutique…and I see a lot of bad information spread around. You can stand out just as you would selling thrifted items or items from your own wardrobe. Every seller creates a different image, provides a different customer experience and markets in a unique way.


Thanks for your questions! Please feel free to leave any other questions in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Poshmark Q + A

    • Hi Patricia! It’s an online selling platform like an eBay. However, it’s different in that it’s more of a social app. You can sell on your own either new or used. You interact by sharing your listings to other users. If you’re interested, you can sign up at http://www.poshmark.com and use code jenn_sd for a $5 credit. You can take a look around to see if it’s for you ☺️


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