5 Tips for Poshmark Buyers

There’s quite a few tips and tricks out there for Poshmark sellers. In fact, I’ve written a few. However, I thought I’d change it up a bit and write about a few things Poshmark sellers wished buyers understood.

1. Please read the item description. A good seller will write what you need in the description. Please check it before asking the question. By all means, if you need more information, please ask! We’d love to help!

2. Please ask your questions in a respectable and friendly way. I guarantee you that sellers are not excited to see a “trade???” Or “lowest???”   Instead, why not ask, “Are you interested in a trade?” or “Are you accepting offers?”

3. When making an offer, please be fair to the seller.  You wouldn’t ask a store or a another seller in person for a 70% discount.  Please don’t do the same on Poshmark.  After all, we pay commission.  If we sell you an item for $4, we only make $1.05.

4. If we answer your questions, please just don’t disappear.  If you’re no longer interested, you can say so, or that you’ll be in contact if you’d like to move forward.  If we countered your offer and you’re no longer interested, feel free to decline the offer. Either way, the interaction is most appreciated!

5.  Please be fair with your acceptance and ratings.  If the seller was clear in their descriptions and photos, and the item was just as described, then let the buyer know.  They will really appreciate a timely acceptance and some feedback.  Please don’t penalize an honest seller if you have changed your mind, no longer like the item or the fit.

These are the more common things that I see Poshmark buyers come across. I’ve been lucky in that the majority of the buyers I’ve worked with have been amazing.  What suggestions do you have?

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One thought on “5 Tips for Poshmark Buyers

  1. These are great tips! I also recommend checking the seller’s “last active date” by clicking “About” at the top of their closet. This helps to ensure that you’re spending your money at a closet where the seller is responding, and most importantly shipping items 🙂

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