Still Salty

It was a before dinner kind of thing. The wait for the restaurant was long so we decided to grab a little pre-grub so that we could sit comfortably with our son.  He needed some distractions to pass the time. 

I picked up my son, threw on his backpack and held my purse. I made my way to the bakery, ignoring my husband’s request to help. I could do this! 

As I stepped to the bakery’s front door, a man stepped completely in front of me. I thought he was doing so to open it. Nope. I was wrong. He opened the door enough for himself and let it shut close behind him. My husband quickly caught it before it hit my son and I. I was a little taken aback that he disregarded the people in front of him.  No mention of an apology or surprise. 

I thought best to let it go. It’s really nothing. Most people don’t realize their mistake. It’s a small bakery,  so he wouldn’t order anything time consuming. I was wrong again. 

Apparently, he wanted a specific drink that they no longer served. He kept asking them where he could go to get one. He asked for directions that he didn’t understand, and eventually confessed he wasn’t from the area. He held a smartphone in his hand, but didn’t heed the cashier’s advice to google the directions. The cashier and the man went back and forth. No sign of ending. 

Sensing my slight frustration (I don’t appreciate rudeness and my son only wanted to be carried that day), my husband offered clearer directions. The guy still didn’t get it. He just looked at us sheepishly and finally decided to google it. 

I joked with the other worker about the previous guy’s rudeness and confusion. Why did he just cut in front of us and let the door nearly hit us? He didn’t want to order anything else and didn’t want to use his phone for directions.  So weird. 

The young man looked at me with a slight smile and said, “And you’re still salty about it huh?”

Yep.  Tension broke a few seconds later. Best to let the small things go! Hard to stay mad with a good brownie on hand! 

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