The Posh Spotlight: @mimisdbest

It's time for the first Posh Spotlight of the year! This time, we feature Mimi K., known as @mimisdbest on Poshmark. Let's get to know Mimi! I’m Mimi aka @Mimisdbest. I’m from sunny San Diego and Posh obsessed. I randomly started on Poshmark in November 2015 when I saw a friend's friend comment about making … Continue reading The Posh Spotlight: @mimisdbest

Increasing Poshmark Sales: 30mm, 2.0

Since the implementation of the Poshmark Ambassador program, users have been trying to figure ways to increase their Poshmark sales. Earlier in the year, I discussed the 30 minute method from the Poshmark Analytics Facebook group. While still a valid method, users were wondering how it could be adjusted to accommodate the changes in Poshmark. … Continue reading Increasing Poshmark Sales: 30mm, 2.0

Poshmark Q + A

We had a great time in San Diego hosting Poshmark's Golden Birthday! Thanks to @suanfashion, @kbbygirl, @noy2312 & @mimisdbest for co-hosting the celebration! A special thank you to the attendees and all of our new PFFs! It was great sharing stories and meeting everyone. Finally, we sincerely thank The Boxing Club and Scentsy Consultant, Alisa … Continue reading Poshmark Q + A

PoshPost is Here

Poshmark announced today that they are adding more options to shipping! The app now offers: Priority Mail Flat Rate Regional Rate Check out their blog for details!

Poshmark Turns 6!

It's hard to believe that Poshmark will be celebrating their golden anniversary this December! This calls for a Posh Meet-up!  Join your favorite PFFs as they celebrate in style! If you're in San Diego, we would love for you to join! Your hosts are jenn (@jenn_sd), Kristin (@kbbygirl) and Sharon (@noy2312). The party will be … Continue reading Poshmark Turns 6!

My Experience as a Poshmark Ambassador 

UPDATE: Check out my latest take on the PA program here! Earlier this month, Poshmark rolled out the Poshmark Ambassador status to replace the Suggested User program.  To find out more about the new program, click  here. As a Suggested User, I was grandfathered into Ambassador Status. My own closet was on vacation, but I … Continue reading My Experience as a Poshmark Ambassador 

The Posh Spotlight: mikimakes

It’s time for another Posh Spotlight, where I feature users of the shopping app, Poshmark. Each user will be sharing their strategies and success.  I'm Kasey aka Mikimakes. My Japanese middle name is Miki (pronounced meekey).  I love making all sorts of things, like macrame planters, diaper cakes, cute outfits, woven wall art, etc. That … Continue reading The Posh Spotlight: mikimakes

Poshmark Sales Slump?

It happens to the best of us. One day, you're doing well and your Poshmark sales continue. Then, it stops....and doesn't pick us. You notice you've got a lot of dead inventory and a case of the closet crickets.  What can you do? Everyone goes through a quiet period - take this as an opportunity … Continue reading Poshmark Sales Slump?

Is Your Poshmark Closet a Hobby or a Business ? 

This post contains an affiliate link.  EDIT: 7/19/18 - Be sure to register for Kreithchele’s course for a special summer rate! Your registration will include the release of the upgraded course in the fall! It's no question that online selling platforms are booming.  Platforms like Poshmark are giving people more options for buying and selling online. Many … Continue reading Is Your Poshmark Closet a Hobby or a Business ? 

The Posh Spotlight: @MsLeslieD1

 It’s time for another Posh Spotlight, where I feature users of the shopping app, Poshmark. Each user will be sharing their strategies and success.  Leslie has turned her love of second hand stores into a Posh hobby. By reselling what she already owns, she's been able to gain an entirely "new" wardrobe without spending additional … Continue reading The Posh Spotlight: @MsLeslieD1