The Posh Spotlight: @mimisdbest

It’s time for the first Posh Spotlight of the year! This time, we feature Mimi K., known as @mimisdbest on Poshmark. Let’s get to know Mimi!

Meet Poshmark Users at

I’m Mimi aka @Mimisdbest. I’m from sunny San Diego and Posh obsessed.

I randomly started on Poshmark in November 2015 when I saw a friend’s friend comment about making extra money. I downloaded the app and posted 3 things. One of the things sold within an hour and I was hooked!

What’s your closet focus?

My closet focus has morphed into a full time gig. Having originally started selling items out of my own closet quickly became a reseller passion. I decided to go this route because I get to literally make a “dollar out of 15 cents”. (I probably just aged myself with that idiom!)

Selling full time isn’t easy. It’s a lot of hard work and is time consuming. If you’re looking to a full time reseller, be ready for the stress that comes with owning your own business. BUDGET like a legit, honest, business. File taxes!

What’s your best-selling item?

My best selling items are definitely jeans.

What’s your strategy for selling on Poshmark?

My strategy for making sales changes through the month. Honesty, it goes in waves.

Some weeks, I share the heck out of my closet. Other weeks, I follow a million people. Other times, I lower prices on my most “liked” items.

Thank you Mimi for your time ! You can find her on Poshmark as @mimisdbest.

If you’re interested in being featured on the Posh Spotlight, please send an email to with your closet name!

Not a member of Poshmark ? Join here and use the code jenn_sd for a $5 credit. You can find my closet, jenn_sd, there too!

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