The Posh Spotlight: @MsLeslieD1

 It’s time for another Posh Spotlight, where I feature users of the shopping app, Poshmark. Each user will be sharing their strategies and success. 

Leslie has turned her love of second hand stores into a Posh hobby. By reselling what she already owns, she’s been able to gain an entirely “new” wardrobe without spending additional funds! Let’s get to know Leslie, @MsLeslieD1!

I heard about Poshmark from a friend. I’ve been buying second hand clothing my entire life, and have even taught my daughter and grand daughters to love “thrift shopping”. 
I purchased a couple tops at first. I didn’t return for 6 months, until I wanted to find a Vera Bradley bag.  I bought several! My posh addiction began as soon as I received my purchases; they were nicely wrapped with ribbons and note cards. 

I soon realized that I might be able to sell my own items.  I began posting and selling over several months. Today, my closet has 459 listings, with a little over half sold. I have 15,500 followers and following 38,000. This number has grown mostly in the last 10 months, as I began to pull my personal items. I have logged into Poshmark every day for the past year. I’ve been able to sell my personal items ,which I no longer wore. Because of this, I’ve been able to use my profits for a whole new wardrobe!

Today, my Posh closet includes my own clothing, as well as items I purchased that I wasn’t able to wear due to fit or style. I have started to look into current styles and have started to thrift. I also receive clothing from family and friends, which is wonderful!

When I source, I tend to purchase items that I would wear myself, no matter the size. I try to vary my sizes, including large and extra large because they sell well for me. I like to pick items with a current, clean look. I am also conscious of the seasons and make room accordingly. 

I take pride in my closet – I wash and iron each item. I keep my items in the same condition that I want to receive them. Clothing should be clean, in good condition and smell fresh!  Keeping my closet full of great items allows me to continue to sell and add items for my own personal closet.

My best strategies for growing my Poshmark closet is that I follow the new people every single day. My best buyers come from new people. I drop notes offering help and advice encouraging them to check out my closet. I also share a lot. I target follow as well. For example, when I was selling Vera Bradley bags, I selected all the Vera Bradley listings and followed every single person who had liked a Vera Bradley bag. I continue to do that with a brand or item I have in my closet I am trying to sell. I believe it increases Poshmark sales! 

I have also joined the Facebook Poshmark pages and communicate with those other posters who I learn a lot from. I also view YouTube videos of other Poshmark users, as they have very valid and encouraging ideas. 

The most important thing anyone can do to be a successful on Poshmark is to use the app every single day. Try to go at least a couple hours in the morning and a couple at night. I share both other listings and my own. I communicate a lot in the app!

Thank you Leslie! Please visit Leslie and all her amazing finds @MsLeslieD1!

Want to join Poshmark? Sign up and use my code HWUQL for $5 credit! My closet is Jenn_sd

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