I can't explain when it all changed. I don't know what contributed to it.  I only remember wondering what made it so different than before. Most of all, I remember how disappointed I was when I realized that things were no longer what they were.  We were friends under the most interesting  of circumstances.  We … Continue reading Drift

Sell for a Cause

A friend of mine came up with a brilliant idea to help those affected by Hurricane Houston.  She knows quite a few self-employed consultants and decided she'd host a shopping event in her home. All vendors would have to pledge a percentage of their profits towards relief efforts for Houston. She would match whatever was … Continue reading Sell for a Cause

The Ride

Late last year, my husband and I were running a few last minute errands. When we left the store, we saw a man uncomfortably moving his mobility scooter.  He was still seated in it, and was attempting to scoot it step by step. He was slowly doing this with much difficulty and in the middle … Continue reading The Ride

3 Strange Driving Habits

I was initially planning to do a post on a much more serious level. I couldn't bring myself to do it, and just kept putting it off. It's not that the post isn't relevant or important; I just don't feel invested in it right now. It doesn't help that tomorrow is Monday, because it means … Continue reading 3 Strange Driving Habits

Just Friends 

Random entry time! Two stories and then a question.  Friend A: We met in college, and we had a lot of similar interests and goals. We had the same odd humor and were able to confide in one other very easily. I was there for them for each of their relationships. They were there for … Continue reading Just Friends