3 Strange Driving Habits

I was initially planning to do a post on a much more serious level. I couldn’t bring myself to do it, and just kept putting it off. It’s not that the post isn’t relevant or important; I just don’t feel invested in it right now. It doesn’t help that tomorrow is Monday, because it means the weekend is over! 

Thus, I decided to do a much more lighthearted post. Southern California is notorious for having difficult drivers. We’ve been called impatient, rude and dangerous. I admit, we are not always courteous. We are fast drivers, and we always seem to be in a hurry. I’ve seen so much of it that almost nothing shocks me. Almost. 

1. I happened to be driving in front of someone I knew. I noticed they were holding a book in their hands. I was able to take a closer look while we were stopped. I realized that they kept turning the pages every once in a while. They were reading while driving! Haven’t they heard of audio books? I made sure that there was enough space between us in the case they became too engrossed. No fender bender for me ! 

2. After dropping off my rental car, the young lady at the desk was supposed to drive me to the repair shop to pick up my car. I should have known it was going to be strange – the entire time she was helping us she had something playing on her phone. She  never put it away, but the sound wasn’t on. She seemed to be staring at the screen off and on.  She never paused it.  It turns out she was heavily addicted to House of Cards. She took us in the rental car, placed her phone behind the steering wheel (still without sound) and watched it while she drove us to the shop. I don’t really recall her taking her eyes off that phone. 

3. One sunny day, I was driving on the freeway, next to a man in an old truck. We were driving the same speed and I couldn’t move away from him. It didn’t seem to bother him. A few minutes later, I looked over once again. The man had taken out an acoustic guitar. He started playing and singing. I’m not sure how he managed to drive straight, but clearly he was taken by inspiration. 

I’ve seen other curious things on the road, but these were definitely the most strange! What have you seen? 

πŸ’™, jenn

Photo from Daniela Cuevas, stocksnap.io

17 thoughts on “3 Strange Driving Habits

  1. We just had a law passed in our state (Michigan) against distracted driving. Apparently the state police are going to be in unmarked cars looking for people doing things like this so they can have someone in a marked police car pull them over and give them a ticket. They are even considering dealing with your kids, eating, and being on your phone as distracted driving.

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  2. This drives me crazy! To think that with all the accidents, and dangerous driving, people would be more considerate of others while driving. Stay safe, and always keep your distance while driving: especially with kids in the car.

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  3. I’ve seen people eating in their car..and brushing their hair. smh. Note to all drivers: PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD! You could have an accident and hurt other people if not.

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