I can’t explain when it all changed. I don’t know what contributed to it.  I only remember wondering what made it so different than before. Most of all, I remember how disappointed I was when I realized that things were no longer what they were. 

We were friends under the most interesting  of circumstances.  We shared a lot of laughs, major milestones in life, and a great understanding and appreciation for one another.  No matter what was happening in life, we were there for each other. 

Then one day, it wasn’t the same. 

 I know the last time I saw them, I felt different. As if I was stuck in the past. The friendship wasn’t what it used to be and I just didn’t see that right away. I figured that I was just reading things too deeply. 

Later, I learned that I was right. Not too long after our last visits, the conversations were few and far between. The exchanges became nonexistent. Not even a text or a mention on social media. It was as if we had erased one another from our lives. 

I reached out to them, and again felt a foreign feeling. I wasn’t a part of their life anymore. They had moved on, and were really happy. 

I can’t pinpoint what happened. I just know we drifted apart.  No arguments. No malicious acts. No misunderstandings. Life had changed, and so our friendship no longer existed. 

I see their life now, and they are as happy as they can be. I know that I am too. We grow as we age, and in our case the bonds between us change. 

I wish I could tell them I’m sorry. I wish circumstances were different. Most of all, I wish they knew how glad I was that they live a happy life….even if I’m not in it. 

13 thoughts on “Drift

  1. This post speaks to my heart. I have had this happen time and again. It’s so hard but sometimes that’s just life. Drifting happens. But, I believe people come in our life for a reason and sometimes their purpose has been fulfilled! ❤️

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  2. This is a beautiful text and it really got me… I feel sad reading it as it happened to me too many times and perhaps it’s my own fault. Also living as an expat and away from old friends is not easy. Making new real friends is not easy either but …that’s life and a long the way we find really good people . Hard to find but worth it 🙂

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  3. I’ve had this happen with a childhood friend. And it was hard to accept and see other people in the space that I use to fill! But your right … People change and its ok! I still reach out , thank her for her friendship and let her know that I’m always here. We spent alot of time together and I know she will never forget me!
    I hope you are in a good place now:)

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  4. I have had the same exact same thing happen to me and several friendships. It’s sad to see that friendship slowly dwindle away to nothing, when you two used to mean so much to each other. It has a certain level of pain associated with it, but also I think it’s more painful when trying to reach out and not having those feelings/emotions reciprocated. I have to remember that everyone in my life has a reason for being there, but not everyone will be there forever.

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  5. I definitely get it. You’re explaining how as we change and evolve in our lives, so do the people around us. We become different people with different interests. This can sometimes mean that the things that once held our friendship together no longer does. I’ve experience this a few times in my life. And there’s nothing wrong with it. As long as both of you are content and happy. Beautiful post!


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  6. It’s interesting to see how friendships evolve and change over time as we enter different seasons of life. It’s strange for me to still feel connected because of social media, even though I know we are no longer relevant in each other’s daily lives.

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