Tools For Destressing: Essential Oils

Note: I was provided samples free of charge to review these products. I was not paid any additional compensation for this review.

Using oils to de-stress -

This past month has been full of ups and downs.  My position was recently eliminated at my former company, and for the first time, I found myself “in transition”.  I wasn’t prepared for the process that would follow afterwards.   The severe ups and downs that I initially experienced eventually subsided, but I wasn’t immune to the normal process of being unemployed and actively looking for work.  As with everyone else, the stress of searching, the fear of non-existent income, and loss of routine had a significant impact.

I refused to let this event impact my life in a negative way. I wanted to take this as a learning experience. I also wanted to let myself feel the emotions, and go through the process. Yet, I was worried about the toll that the stress would take on me.  

The only healthy way to go about this was to figure out my support system, and utilize the tools that were available to me.  My amazing friends and family reached out, and they continue to do so today. I continued to go to therapy, and talk through the process.  I set a schedule and made some goals and tasks to work on.  Yet, every now and then, the stress and worry would creep in.

One of my friends, Suzanne, suggested that I try essential oils.  She is the owner of Mother Rockin Oils, and offers Young Living essential oils for purchase.  Per the Young Living introductory booklet, essential oils are “aromatic, concentrated plant extracts harvested from farm-grown and wildcrafted plants, flowers, herbs, and trees.”  Essential oils have been used for years for their “emotionally uplifting properties, aiding overall wellness, promoting relaxation, and supporting the skin.”

Personally, I have had some limited experience with essential oils, owning only a couple bottles and using them sparingly.  However, I was interested how I could use them to relax, de-stress and promote my own well-being.  Suzanne generously offered to lend me some oils and a diffuser to help relieve my symptoms. Overall, I’m happy to state that so far, I’ve had positive results.


As a new user, it was difficult for me to understand where to start.  There are so many options – base oils, combinations, diffusers, topical use. Where does a beginner start?! I decided to take the first few days easy – after all, I’m here to de-stress. I figured that I would take things a little easy, and work through the basics that were offered in a starter sample kit.

Suzanne had included a pre-made roller which was an anti-anxiety combination. The mix included patchouli, which I am not usually a big fan of. I dabbed a small amount, and the scent lasted for a quite some time.  In time, I got use to the patchouli scent, and found that it was a nice aroma to have around.  I didn’t think about the stress as much.

The second day, I wanted to focus on getting a good night’s sleep.  In this time of transition, I’ve found that it’s very difficult to keep my mind at ease; it’s running a million miles a minute, trying to figure out how I should navigate the next day.  As a result, sleep wasn’t coming easy.  I decided to take the Lavender scent and sprinkle a few drops on my pillow.  I found the scent very calming.  While I didn’t fall asleep immediately, I felt more at ease, which helped.  My mind ran, but less so. I found that focusing on the calming scents of the oil was a good way to distract myself from them.

On the third day, I decided to put some oil in a diffuser while I worked on some tasks and goals.  I chose frankincense, as it is well known for its destressing properties. I enjoyed this the most.  I felt calm, and enjoyed the scent as it filled the room.  The woody feel made me feel at ease, and I continued to work without a happy demeanor. My family enjoyed it as well.

Combination Blends

Young Living provides combination oils as well for different scenarios.  I decided to try out a couple offerings to see how they work.

The daily ritual of job searching and its related activities were starting to take their toll. I was feeling stressed over the first rejections, and the likelihood that the process was going to take months. As a result, my first choice was “Stress Away”, which is a combination of Lime essential oil and vanilla extract, Copaiba, Lavender, Cedarwood and Ocotea. I decided to use this topically with a carrier oil. Stress Away had a nice, relaxing scent, that lasted for some time.  Personally, I can’t say if it completely relieved my stress, but it was certainly less noticeable as the day went on.

My second choice was “Valor”, which was a blend of black spruce, blue tansy, camphor wood, geranium and frankincense.  I had experienced anxiety the evening before, which kept my mind running and prevented me from falling asleep easily.  After only a few hours of sleep, I woke up restless, and still feeling the residuals of anxiety.  My child also woke up angry, and I was pressed for time to get things ready for his appointment.

How does this oil help with my stress? -

I wanted to use Valor because I didn’t want to have the anxiety dictate my emotion of the entire day. Valor is meant to help reinforce a positive attitude, which is exactly what I needed. I used 2 drops and massaged them on my neck, wrist and hands.  I spent a minute or so closing my eyes and breathing in the aroma.  I found that it helped calm my thoughts temporarily, and lessening the intensity of the anxiety. An hour or so later, the anxiety came back, but it was not as prevalent as before. Now, I’ve come to find that this was my favorite oil.


Using essential oils can be overwhelming.  Being new to the process, I was unaware of all the various uses and which oils to use for my situation.  Suzanne offers an online class to help navigate and learn various methods.  One session focused on rollers, complete with ideas on what kinds of rollers one could take on the go! Other challenges in her class highlighted some of the oil offerings in the starter kit.   I thought it was useful to have a virtual class where you can ask questions and connect with other users.

But, do I recommend them??

Overall, I found the essential oils to be useful in managing my stress. I don’t see them as a cure, nor do I feel that they completely eradicated my symptoms. They did, however, become a valuable tool to use as a potential means of temporary relief.  I found that it helped shift my concentration and thinking to something else, which is very key for me.  It took the focus away from the stressful thoughts, and it gave me the break I needed to refocus.

I would highly recommend looking into essentials oils as a possible tool in de-stressing.  If you’re interested in finding out more, contact Suzanne Lockyer Lawriw at Mother Rockin’ Oils:

Text “Oils” to (858) 250-0750

Instagram: @oilsmom / @oilrocker



12 thoughts on “Tools For Destressing: Essential Oils

  1. Everyone I know uses these oils I feel like. I haven’t taken the plunge but have definitely been tempted. Maybe I’ll start out with the lavender.


  2. Sorry to hear about your unexpected new transition. It’s difficult, but it can also be a blessing in disguise! I love essential oils. The scents can make a room so relaxing. I’m glad it’s helping you to de-stress a bit. 🙂 It’s so important to do self-care, while you’re in between jobs.


  3. I would also be a complete beginner with essential oils, and this was a great introduction. Something to aid in staying asleep is what I really need. I am glad they helped you, but don’t think they are supposed to fully eliminate symptoms.


  4. Not sure if my last comment went through, but I just got my first essential oils kit and I can’t WAIT to learn more about it and really dive in!


  5. Sorry to hear about your job, change like that is so stressful. Glad you were able to lean into the support of your friends. I love essential oils, but find them to be very cost prohibitive. The high quality ones I want are just so expensive even if they do last a long time.

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