5 Mommy Brain Moments

You’ve heard of “Pregnancy Brain” – that foggy, forgetful time that pregnant women experience. The simplest things seem to slip the mind, and you can’t remember like you used to. Unfortunately, that forgetfulness doesn’t completely go away. I’m finding that this is happening less as I grow accustomed to my new life and role. Nonetheless, I’m not immune. Here are 5 of my Mommy Brain Moments:

5.  Driving all the way to work and sitting in the parking lot – and realizing that I left my work laptop at home.

4.  I have gone out in public and to work at least three times with my clothes inside out.

3.  I once stressed out about not being able to find an article of clothing that I was already wearing.

2.  I took a “nap” on the couch, which lasted a good couple of hours. Somehow, I made it to my bed during the nap. I woke up, panicking that I had slept the entire 24 hours, into the next evening and had missed work without calling in. I was furiously trying to find my work cell to call my boss before my husband reminded me that it was the weekend.

And my husband’s favorite:

1. I sat in the car for 15 minutes in transit not realizing that I was wearing broken sunglasses. The sunglasses were completely missing a lens on one side . It was a sunny day and I hadn’t noticed the difference. One eye had a lens, the other didn’t. I was basically wearing a strange monocle.

I’m sure there are many more…but I’m claiming “Mom Brain” so I can forget them. πŸ˜‰πŸ’™ 

Stock photo From stocksnap.io, artist Ben White


84 thoughts on “5 Mommy Brain Moments

  1. hahaha Mom Brain definitely gets the best of you. I have had so many of those moments that I could probably write a short book. I once spent an hour and a half searching for glasses that were on my face! I can totally relate to your broken sunglass story!

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  2. The “Mom-Brain” is real! I have had such similar moments happen to me too! I always account them to “mom-brain”, never me.. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Love all of those stories!! My best mommy brain, talking to my sister on the phone, then franticly looking for it, duh I’m holding it to my ear. My sister and i laughed for a good 10 minutes about that! I really like your PIC. Cheers

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  4. Haha, most definitely and then some. I tend to forget words. I once told my son to get my coffee out of the garage (totally meant microwave because of course, I forgot I even had a coffee too).

    Andolina – lessonsfromastudentmom.com

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  5. Still laughing at your half sunglasses moment!! That and the looking for an article of clothing that you’re already wearing, I feel like I do that with my sunglasses when they are on my head… and I don’t even have pregnancy brain to blame! πŸ™‚

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  6. I thought I was the only one who showed up in public with my clothes inside out! haha, and i love the random people that point it out. “honey, you’re wearing that inside out. did you know? oh my…” hahaha but at least we have clothes on! πŸ™‚ and i bet your kids are dressed right and look awesome!

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    • Once I didn’t even care. I had a tank under my top and looked at the last next to me in the story and was like, hey I’m changing this right side out. I’ve been out like this for the past two hours and only noticed right now. She laughed and said,”I got you girl!”


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