Efficient Listing on Poshmark

Let’s face it. You could spend hours on Poshmark. That’s why so many use the 30 minute method.
However, you need to plan even before engaging 30mm. Listing your items in itself can take a while. Taking photos, writing descriptions and listing on the app can take at least a few hours. Here’s a few things I do to make the things easier:

1.  Set aside a day of the week for listing prep. I usually do a few hours on a weekend, when natural lighting is available for photos. 

2.  Take photos of all of the items you plan to list during that week / month (depends on how much time you have!)

3. Write all your descriptions at once (including measurements) and keep them on the device that you use for listing. I place them as notes on my iPhone. 

4. Everyday, pick your listings from your phone and list! Don’t list all at one time – space it out during the day / week so that your listing and account appears as “newly listed” on the app!

This has actually saved me a lot of time. Additionally, I can list any time and anywhere without disrupting my other plans. I generally prep my listings for the next 7 days or so. 

Bonus: If you keep the listing description on your phone, re-listing dead items is faster and easier!

What are your tricks for efficient poshing?


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