Kindness Challenge Week 3: Self-Acceptance

Truly, I am my own worst enemy. I do not accept compliments. I do not acknowledge my own achievements. I am self-depreciating. I am hardest on myself when I do not meet my own high standards. 

For this week’s challenge, I had to give myself a reprieve. It’s time to stop being so negative about myself and start accepting who I am, and not who I think I’m supposed to be. If I’m not happy with some things, then I also need to be more realistic with what expectations I have for myself. 

This week at work, I was honest with what I could and couldn’t do.  I asked for help when I needed it. I didn’t flinch when something didn’t go exactly as planned. I didn’t dwell on the small things and focused on the more important ones. I let myself enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. I was able to showcase what my strengths were. In doing this, I felt a lot of stress being lifted. 

In my personal life, it was a lot harder. I have gained significant weight post birth due to injury, lack of sleep and stress eating. I didn’t set aside the time to work out and my health was the price. I didn’t want to accept that my blood pressure was not going down or that my jeans were just a little more snug. I couldn’t believe what the numbers were telling me – I had neglected my own well-being. This week, I had enough. 

I can’t deny what’s happened to me. If I want to change it, then I need to accept my current state and be positive that things can and will change. I refuse to be stuck, and I refuse to find fault or excuses because of what’s happened to me. The denial and self-loathing prevented me from making changes. I may not like this current “me”, but I have to accept it in order to change it. What’s the point of trying make changes in something that you don’t believe is an issue? 

This week, I made effort to find ways to heal and work through my injury (safely). I am making conscious efforts on my food choices and I am trying to go back to a reasonable exercise schedule. I am trying to incorporate my new life with a healthy lifestyle.  I accept that my life has changed and thus, so does my approach to healthy living. Somehow, saying this with intent feels more effective. Strangely, I feel at peace with what is. 

Self-Acceptance is not immediate. It has to become habit and thus, had to be practiced until it becomes second nature. I am looking forward to continuing this!


49 thoughts on “Kindness Challenge Week 3: Self-Acceptance

  1. Self love is something that I see so many struggle with but I am so so glad you are making positive strides towards. It is definitely a daily practice and you are so worth it.

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  2. I enjoyed reading this post and will be looking for the others after this! I especially loved your line of “Self-Acceptance is not immediate. It has to become habit and thus, had to be practiced until it becomes second nature.” It is so true and even that is something I myself struggle with. Many think it’s so easy but it’s not.

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  3. Good for you! I love that you challenged yourself to be more accepting of yourself! Change is slow and takes time. I am on my own weight loss journey, and it is hard, harder for me as I have PCOS, so I have to remind myself that every little bit does matter even if I am not seeing numbers drop on the scale!

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    • You’re so right! I have a non existent metabolism and I have to really work out and eat right to see the smallest of changes. I know how you feel. Good luck to you !


  4. I’m so glad you used this week’s challenge to be more gentle with yourself. And what clear insights you have about what you want and how you can move forward. This is big and I celebrate you. And I wish you all the best making self-acceptance a habit.

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  5. I agree, if you don’t assess and accept where and who you currently are, you don’t have what you need to allow yourself to set reasonable goals. Since your goals can only be accurately set based on your current state, you need to accept this current state to make your goals actually attainable. Wishing you all the needed strength in your journey!

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  6. Very impressive, jumping into makes changes or naming/accepting your situation as it is. Reading your experience teaches me that not accepting self is an energy drain while accepting self gives energy. Guess the old adage proves accurate once again….Truth sets you free….

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  8. They say it takes 4 weeks to change a behavior. Keep at it and you’ll get there! I know I certainly struggle with a lot of the same issues and I find it very hard to get into a good groove and keep it up. I wish you nothing but the best!

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