The Posh Spotlight: @MsLeslieD1

 It’s time for another Posh Spotlight, where I feature users of the shopping app, Poshmark. Each user will be sharing their strategies and success.  Leslie has turned her love of second hand stores into a Posh hobby. By reselling what she already owns, she's been able to gain an entirely "new" wardrobe without spending additional … Continue reading The Posh Spotlight: @MsLeslieD1

Managing a Successful Poshmark Closet

Last week, Kelsey (kjansy) was our featured Poshmark user on the Posh Spotlight.  Kelsey has seen quite a bit of success on the Poshmark selling platform, and treats her closet like a serious business.  Utilizing her industry knowledge, she has developed key strategies for selling on Poshmark. Let's take a look on her strategies on … Continue reading Managing a Successful Poshmark Closet

The Posh Spotlight: @Kjansy

It's time for another Posh Spotlight, where I feature users of the shopping app, Poshmark. Each user will be sharing their strategies and success. This feature is in two parts, as there was a lot of great information to share! Kelsey, known as @kjansy, has been a part of the Poshmark community for a relatively short amount … Continue reading The Posh Spotlight: @Kjansy

Poshmark: Gifts with Purchase

According to some online Poshmark groups, July is looking to be a slower month for sales. Therefore, sellers are implementing a variety of strategies to help increase their Poshmark sales. For some, Gifts with Purchase always sounds like a good idea. When you're in a retail store, it sounds like a great bonus. Free anything … Continue reading Poshmark: Gifts with Purchase

The Posh Spotlight: @JosephStyle

It's time for another Posh Spotlight! Once a month, I will features user of the shopping app, Poshmark. Each user will be sharing their strategies and success. The current feature is Joseph from @JosephStyle.  Joseph's closet highlights his background in the fashion industry, and gives him a chance to showcase his knowledge and love in … Continue reading The Posh Spotlight: @JosephStyle

Poshmark Tip:  Scammers

When it first started, it was so easy to identify spam on Poshmark. It would be a strange profile that was obviously a bot. It then evolved to requesting to contact via email, even offering more money to do an outside transaction.  The scamming has since evolved to stealing a user photo and creating an … Continue reading Poshmark Tip:  Scammers

The Posh Spotlight: @jayjune

The Posh Spotlight is a my new series which features inspirational users of the online app, Poshmark. Each user will be sharing their strategies and success. Our first feature is Laura from @jayjune. Her closet has a great variety of styles and caters to many sizes. Let's get to know Laura!  Tell us about yourself … Continue reading The Posh Spotlight: @jayjune

Efficient Listing on Poshmark

Let's face it. You could spend hours on Poshmark. That's why so many use the 30 minute method. However, you need to plan even before engaging 30mm. Listing your items in itself can take a while. Taking photos, writing descriptions and listing on the app can take at least a few hours. Here's a few things … Continue reading Efficient Listing on Poshmark

5 Tips for Poshmark Buyers

There's quite a few tips and tricks out there for Poshmark sellers. In fact, I've written a few. However, I thought I'd change it up a bit and write about a few things Poshmark sellers wished buyers understood. 1. Please read the item description. A good seller will write what you need in the description. … Continue reading 5 Tips for Poshmark Buyers

Poshmark: Enticing a Return Buyer

The world of Poshmark is so competitive. Buyers have so many choices and options. It takes a lot to really become a successful seller. Because of this, a sale is always appreciated. However, a sale from a repeat buyer? That's gold. Aside from selling quality goods and providing amazing service, what else can a Posher … Continue reading Poshmark: Enticing a Return Buyer