The Posh Spotlight: @JosephStyle


It’s time for another Posh Spotlight! Once a month, I will features user of the shopping app, Poshmark. Each user will be sharing their strategies and success. The current feature is Joseph from @JosephStyle.  Joseph’s closet highlights his background in the fashion industry, and gives him a chance to showcase his knowledge and love in helping others! Let’s get to know Joseph!

Tell us about yourself and your closet!
My name is Joseph Garcia, or better known on Posh as JosephStyle. I have been styling and empowering both women & men through fashion for the past 5 years. I pride myself on implementing the best experience possible for my clients. I do this by providing fashions from a broad range of the fashion scale at a fraction of the price to help build your closet and collection. I believe that mixing lower cost fashion pieces with higher end designer pieces is the secret to a perfect wardrobe. I hope to help you do just that!

I found my passion for fashion and selling at the age of 16 through eBay & my grandmother. When I wanted to bridge my passion for both sales and empowering women and men through fashion, I instantly thought of Poshmark! I love Poshmark because it allows me to interact on a social level with my clients and other Poshers. I like to call them my “Poshies :)”. No other online sales platform is quite like it at the moment.

I seriously got started on Poshmark in the fall of 2016. I quit my full-time job as a sales professional at Tiffany & Co. to pursue my dream of selling and empowering women on my own. I was selling both fine and fashion jewelry with the company for 3 years. Thanks to my wonder husband, Javier Pierrend,  I was able to leave Tiffany and focus on Poshmark.  As he is a videographer & photographer he has been a blessing;( He lends me his support and wonderful [artistic] eye.

What is your closet focus, and why did you decide to go this route?

I specialize as a reseller. I choose to resell as there is nothing quite like the feeling of finding clothing that was once loved or never used and giving it a whole new life. Styling has shown me that there is so much clothing out there that can be given new life; it can help empower people!

What’s trending in your Poshmark closet right now?
Right now, I would have to say my Moschino Cheap & Chic rainbow dress / jacket and my Just Cavalli sleeveless blouse. The Just Cavalli blouse was my first host pick!

What’s your current strategy for increasing Poshmark sales?
I like to list at least one item a day to help bring traffic to my closet. Interaction on both Facebook and Poshmark is a big key in sales. I always share the love! I believe in sharing information, as it is hard to succeed on your own. I believe in a mix of all fashions on the fashion spectrum; from low to high end and small to large. I like to have a selection for everyone,  as every one deserves to feel amazing!

Something special that I like to do is surprise my Poshies with 10 – 15 minute flash sales;  it is fun and exciting, and always keeps clients coming back. Finally, when a sale is complete, I always address my clients by name when I am writing their thank you note – I keep it personal, as it can go a long way.

What advice do you have for new Poshmark users? 
Persistence, persistence, and more persistence! That is what I would suggest to new Poshies. Rome was not built in a day, there were times when my closet had little activity. Keep going – even when you feel that you are not making progress. I promise, it will all pay off! As I have learned, sales is always going to be up & down. What matters most is that you can’t give up.

Thank you Joseph! Visit him @@josephstyle to support his closet! Make sure you say hello!

Want to join Poshmark? Sign up here and use my code HWUQL for $5 credit! My closet is jenn_sd. If you’d like to be featured the Posh Spotlight? Contact me here.

💙, jenn


2 thoughts on “The Posh Spotlight: @JosephStyle

  1. Love Poshmark! Most of my maternity clothes have come from there (and most of them will be going back there when I’m done with them). It’s let me but way nicer things than I would have spent the money on for a temporary need. I used it before as well too.

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