A Mommy Story: Sigoni

In this edition of a Mommy Story, we meet Sigoni . Finding herself in the most difficult of situations, Sigoni found a way to  live a life that she and her son deserved. I used to despise fairy tales, because no matter how much we wanted them to be, they weren’t reality based at all. … Continue reading A Mommy Story: Sigoni

White Noise

It wasn't easy, but I forced myself into workout gear. I hadn't been doing it for very long, so it was a slow pace. I kept at it, believing that some day, I'd get better. All of a sudden, I heard laughter. Menacing laughter and then a water bottle was thrown at me. I stopped … Continue reading White Noise

#Momlife: Is it Time for Book Club?

Today's feature post is from Megan, of This Anchored Life. Megan writes about #momlife in a relatable  and humorous way. When the opportunity to collaborate arose, I was really glad to see what Megan had to offer.  As much of my blog focuses on some of the struggles of motherhood, it also aims to provide inspiration … Continue reading #Momlife: Is it Time for Book Club?

A Mommy Story: PPD & Self-Esteem

This week,  in A Mommy Story, we learn about Sunny. Sunny suffered from Postpartum Depression, which impacted her weight and self-esteem. Learn more about her story.  After what felt like an eternity, I FINALLY got the disc from our photographer with our family photos on it. We’ve never taken photos together as a family, so … Continue reading A Mommy Story: PPD & Self-Esteem

Too Much

Post baby, I had a plan. I had to get out of my PPD / PPA rut and focus a bit on myself. I took on a number of things to help connect to my hobbies or old parts of me. The next thing you know, my mind was always running: baby, Poshmark, baby, work, … Continue reading Too Much

Postpartum Win!

It's been a while since I reported on my PPD / PPA experience. It may seem that I'm completely recovered. That's almost accurate.  I have indeed gained a lot of confidence as a mother, and a lot of things no longer bother me like they used to. I've definitely come a long way. Yesterday, I … Continue reading Postpartum Win!

Kindness Challenge Week 3: Self-Acceptance

Truly, I am my own worst enemy. I do not accept compliments. I do not acknowledge my own achievements. I am self-depreciating. I am hardest on myself when I do not meet my own high standards.  For this week's challenge, I had to give myself a reprieve. It's time to stop being so negative about myself and start … Continue reading Kindness Challenge Week 3: Self-Acceptance

Kindness Challenge Week 2: Self-Compassion

The second week of the Kindness Challenge focuses on self-compassion. Again, this is another area where I am challenged. It is so easy for to feel compassion towards others, and attempt to get them to see the better side of things.  However, I do not show myself the same consideration. I love giving gifts to … Continue reading Kindness Challenge Week 2: Self-Compassion

Kindness Challenge: Week 1

The theme for Week 1 is self-love. I admit, I never had much of it for myself.  I've only recently discovered the impact that various experiences have had on me; things that cultivated a series of self-doubt, low self-esteem and a pessimistic outlook. Instead of saying "I Can!" or even "I'll try", I had already … Continue reading Kindness Challenge: Week 1

Postpartum: When Does it Get Better?

Another post for Maternal Mental Health Week! Today is #SayitSaturday! I thought it was fitting to also use the Daily Prompt, "Better", and tie it all in. Anytime you find yourself in a tough spot, you always wonder, "When will it get better? When will this all be over?" This is so true when you're … Continue reading Postpartum: When Does it Get Better?