Facing the Crowd – Solo!

One of the most anxiety inducing things for me is doing something new on my own.  I don’t have a lot of confidence in my own ability to conquer on my own.  I also am fearful of being lost or not knowing what to do when I have to go to a new place that I haven’t been to in a long time.  It’s pretty strange, since I do have to travel for work  from time to time.  I guarantee that for each trip, I’ll have some sort of anxiety.

This past week, there was an event for a local postpartum health group. It wasn’t quite clear who the intended audience was – members, medical staff, moms? The location was in a very busy part of the city with limited parking and, well, people who frequent that area for shelter at night. I didn’t know anyone going  or whether I would relevant to the attendees or not.

I was conflicted.  The reason why I wanted to attend was to find opportunities to promote this blog.  I started it as way to write down my own thoughts, and use it as a method of therapy.  As it began to get a good response, I decided that the purpose could be more; what if, I created a blog that helped other women understand that they weren’t alone?  What if this blog reached other women, mothers, families, or anyone dealing with anxiety or depression? Perhaps reading my own thoughts could help in some way.

The easier thing to do was to avoid the event all together. However, if this was a good event, then it could very much be a good way to promote the blog. I did my best to set aside all hesitation and commit.

The blog wasn’t going to get the traction I needed if I didn’t put the work into it. So, I paid for the WordPress services to convince myself that I was serious about blogging.  I ordered special business cards for promotion. I mentioned the blog in conversations whenever relevant. I promised myself that I would post at least a few times a week. I try to be a good active member in the blogging community.

Once I got there, I became nervous all over again.  I got lost on my own there, and parking was not easy. The location was hosting a number of other events, so I had no idea exactly where to go.  I was fearful about not knowing anyone and then having to try to bring myself to speak to complete strangers.

The event attendees were all mental healthcare providers. I was the only non-healthcare person in attendance (PANIC!!!) Luckily, I knew one person and they introduced me to others. I put on my “work friendly” personality and kinda just forced myself to connect with complete strangers.

Soon enough, people were interested in talking with the “mommy blogger”. It was refreshing for them to know that there was a mom who was willing to put herself out there.  A good number of people picked up my business cards and asked if they could pass them to their clients. Others were interested in reaching out to me for future collaborations.  SUCCESS!

The women I met were so kind and wonderful to speak with. It was easy to tell that they really loved what they do, and that this was a cause very dear to them.  Because of my positive experience, I am now more motivated and excited to continue this blog. I’m looking forward to seeing how many people it can reach, and what we can do as a community to continue helping others.  Coming to this event made me realize that I can overcome my anxiety and fears and that this blog and its intentions are also something that can be both therapeutic AND fulfilling!

Side note –

These are my new square business cards from MOO.  I love the look and the fact that they are so different but calming. They definitely eye catching and a great ice breaker!


3 thoughts on “Facing the Crowd – Solo!

  1. I’m so proud of you! What you did took a lot of courage. You definitely have encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. I love to hear of people talking about their life with a mental illness. The world needs more of us. You’re not alone!

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