365 Days

It seemed so unfair. I was finally making progress with my recovery from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. I was finally starting to enjoy motherhood. Yet, I had to leave that all behind and go back to being in the corporate world. It’s hard to believe, but a year ago today, I went back to work … Continue reading 365 Days

Transitioning To a Working Mommy

No matter how long you've been on maternity leave, coming back to work is tough. There are so many changes involved with pregnancy and motherhood. Transition to the workplace doesn't make that easier. Factor in PPD / PPA and you've got a LOT going on. There are so many changes mentally and hormonal to deal … Continue reading Transitioning To a Working Mommy

When Does It Get Better?

It's a question I asked many times. I heard it often in support groups. When you're suffering from Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety, you want this answer more than anything. When will I even feel better? How am I ever going to feel "normal"? My opinion? With time. It's not an easy answer to accept. … Continue reading When Does It Get Better?

Struggle and Growth

It’s amazing how fast the year has gone by. Yet, when I think back to the beginning of it, that time seems so far away.  In the beginning of 2017, I was a different person. I was suffering and hoping that changes weren't so far away. I had started a new anti-depressant and was given … Continue reading Struggle and Growth

Stolen Memories

At 7 weeks old, she felt like a feather. Her soft cries signaled hunger. She quietly drank from her bottle as I tucked her closer. I looked at her small face and tried to remember - what was this like ? After only but a few minutes, she was passed on to another friend - … Continue reading Stolen Memories

A Look Back

A friend of mine recently gave birth in the very same hospital that I did. Certain details of our experiences were close. We went into labor early due to unexpected circumstances. Her son weighed and measured closely to mine.  They were placed one room away from where I was. Yet, in many ways, we were … Continue reading A Look Back

The Breakdown

The days would go by, and there was a countdown. Inevitably, my husband would have to return to work. We were only half way through his paternity leave, but I was still terrified. I knew that in a matter of time, my son and I would be alone. I had convinced myself that I was … Continue reading The Breakdown

Trapped by Fixation

I found myself focusing on nothing else. I was a problem solver. I did things right. I was known for striving for perfection. Yet, I couldn’t win at this. I could not for the life of me win at (new) motherhood. I just didn’t know what to do. I didn’t understand what I had to … Continue reading Trapped by Fixation

A Mommy Story: PPD & Self-Esteem

This week,  in A Mommy Story, we learn about Sunny. Sunny suffered from Postpartum Depression, which impacted her weight and self-esteem. Learn more about her story.  After what felt like an eternity, I FINALLY got the disc from our photographer with our family photos on it. We’ve never taken photos together as a family, so … Continue reading A Mommy Story: PPD & Self-Esteem

Unfiltered Words

It felt like my old insecurities were coming back. I had pushed them so far from the surface that I believed they were gone.  The words meant no harm. They weren’t directed at me. But, when your own child is being discussed, then it’s as if the attack was made on you.  The discussion was … Continue reading Unfiltered Words