The First Year

Around this time last year, I felt like I needed something new.  I was still recovering from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. Still, I had made great strides in my recovery.  I was able to talk about my feelings with less fear. I had found a great therapist who was teaching me new coping skills. I was on medication that helped me through the more difficult moments.

I noticed that part of my recovery came from sharing.  When I learned that I wasn’t alone, I found comfort in hearing other women’s stories. I found peace in knowing that there were other forms of support out there.  When I crossed a milestone, it was good to know that my success could serve as hope for others.  I felt fulfillment in knowing that somehow, I could help others like me.  Telling my story let others know that I understood them, and that they weren’t alone.  Sharing my story helped those who had no experience with PPD / PPA gain more understanding.

I’ve reached my one year blogging anniversary!

In the beginning of last year, I wanted to increase my reach.  I was going to go back to work soon, so I wouldn’t be able to speak in the morning support group. I wasn’t going to be able to post as much on the online forums since it was important to focus more on the newer moms coming in.  What else could I do?

I wanted to write down everything – nothing was ever going to be as fresh as it was back then.  The raw feelings and the honesty were things I didn’t want to compromise on.  So, I started writing.  I then decided that it was time to put these things in a permanent place.  Perhaps someday, they could help someone else.

I had no idea how to blog, but I went through with it.  I’m still learning, but it has proven to be a labor of love.  I’ve learned quite a bit, and gotten so much from it.  I know that what I’ve written has helped people. I’m also happy to have a forum for other mothers to tell their stories and share their talent.  It’s been wonderful year!

I want to thank all of you for helping me achieve this goal. The blog is still in its infancy, but I could not get this far without support from readers like you

Thank you for a great first year ! -

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18 thoughts on “The First Year

  1. Happy, happy 1 year anniversary! You are doing an amazing job here. To answer your question, my family inspires me first and foremost. Then people like you in the community who are doing their dreams and making a difference in their world, not being afraid to put themselves out there. Cheers to many more years, mama!


  2. Happy Blogiversary! You always seem to be able to put my exact feelings into words with this blog! You have inspired me to write in my journal and take time for self care- so thank you! You are rockin’ it, mama! Keep up the good work!

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