#momlife: Roll Switch!

What happens when the working mom gets a taste of single motherhood? How did she survive? Does it change her perspective ? Find out what guest author April experienced in her #momlife post!

Getting a taste of single motherhood - thismommyisreal.com

Ever heard of the saying “Behind every successful man, is a woman”? Well in my case, the saying goes the other way around. With a thriving career, my husband has taken a step down to let me do what I love to do. He’s the one to take the kids to their doctor’s appointments, cook dinner most of the time, starts homework at night, and does the majority of groceries. As you can tell, I’ve grown very dependent to having my husband take care of our household responsibilities. 
With that being said, my husband had to tend a family emergency out of the country and so I was left behind for about a week with our 2 boys. My eldest is Ayden, who is 5, and my youngest, Seth, who is 10 months old. Luckily, I was able to take a few days off work to be able to focus on them, but I still needed to be available for work as needed.

This day went well, as it was like any other day in the Rosauro household. Big Brother (Ayden), goes to the PM Kinder Class in his school. He starts at 11:40 AM and is released at 3:15 PM. Baby Seth and I were able to do some groceries for the week. Got home and I was able to meal prep and get dinner started. I was able to put Seth down for a nap, while cooking. I didn’t realize that 3 hours went by so fast and I already had to pick up my eldest from school. After picking up Ayden, I was able to finish dinner. I made Bow- Tie pasta with heart-shaped carrots! The kids and I were relaxing on the couch eating microwaved popcorn with white cheddar cheese powder while watching UniKitty by 8 pm.  Day 1, was definitely a success for me! Not sure why husband complains about staying at home with the kids all the time!

I think I’ve got this whole single mom thing down! Especially, since  I didn’t really have to worry about work. I can keep doing this. Same routine as DAY 1! Got big brother ready for school. Baby Seth and I went to the store for things we needed to make dinner. While I was at the grocery store, work started texting. Work was having some issues. While I was dealing with work, Baby Seth started getting fussy. I realized Seth was ready for a bottle and should be put down for a nap. As I’m rushing to check out, work started calling, and I just knew I needed to rush HOME! Got home and was able to take care of the work issues. My husband hasn’t advised me if he’s reached his destination. I put Baby Seth down for a nap, while I was trying to reach my husband regarding his status. No luck on my husband, but I needed to start on dinner. 3 hours went by so fast, next thing you know, I had to wake up Seth from his nap to make sure we pick up big brother on time! We got home, Ayden started his homework, while I finished dinner. I made Chicken breast tenders with honey mustard and French onion crust. I paired this with baked savory sweet potato fries. I like to cook when I get stressed, so I also made some organic chocolate cookies for dessert!!

I had to attend a meeting at work and I actually brought Baby Seth with me. The meeting went well, but one of the things I need to work on is knowing when to leave. Once I start working, I can’t stop OR when I think of something to start, I have to start it right away! I kept eyeing the clock, but once I’m on a roll… I’m on a roll! I rushed out of work, couldn’t find my car keys and BAM!!! Rush hour traffic greeted me, and if things couldn’t get any worse, I got lost!!! How does a mother get lost going to their son’s school?! So I was 20 mins late picking up Ayden, I felt like the worst mother in the world. (my husband doesn’t know about this and I hope he doesn’t read this)

Day 4/ Day 5: I HAD SOME HELP!!!  
I was lucky enough to have one of my co-workers who only works Mon-Weds help me out with the kids. She also lived a few blocks away from Ayden’s school, which made it very convenient. Especially when you’re just exhausted after work and the kids have a pretty long day. I dropped them off at my co-worker’s house by 8-8:30 AM, so I could be at work by 9 AM.  I don’t pick them up until about almost 6 PM. I have to get dinner ready, bathe them, and get them ready for bed. Luckily, Ayden was already finished with homework, all we had to do was read.

It was Saturday, time to sleep in, right? Not when you have a 10-month-old!!! Baby Seth woke up at 2 AM and decided that it was play time. He was grabbing his sleeping brother’s hair and crawling all over the bed. So I decided to take him downstairs to play in our living area. I accidentally dozed off and next thing you know, he was out of my sight and heading for the kitchen. Luckily, I grabbed him and put him in his swing and he was out in no time. Did some usual Saturday stuff, which means, is laundry, cooking, dishes (THE MOM-LIFE NORM!)

 I understand that my experience doesn’t come close to what other mothers experience, but I definitely appreciate single mothers more. Not sure how single mothers survive, but I guess when you’re a mom, you just have to do what you have to do. I have great respect for all single mothers and they should be celebrated a little more!!! So if you are a single mom, I would like to let you know:

It’s OK: 

1. To ask for help– Anytime anybody offers you assistance, don’t decline it! Getting help is totally acceptable and may be the only thing that will keep you sane with everything going on.

2. To breathe– take a breather and rest. Everything may not be ideal or is what you had pictured it to be, but it’s going to be ok. I’m sure you’re doing the best you can.

3. To remind yourself that you are doing a great job- With everything that’s going on: job, kids, school, and whatever else you have going on. I’m sure you’re doing the most you can.

 April blogs at mommaof2boys.weebly.com.  As her blog indicates, she’s the mom of 2 boys!  She has 8 years in the Plastic Surgery industry. Check out her blog to see how she lives her mom life!

9 thoughts on “#momlife: Roll Switch!

  1. Lol love this! I had the same experience after I had my first and my hubs and Mom were both out of town – needless to say I never let them do that again 🤣 but I agree – it did make me realize how it’s ok to ask for help and be grateful for it!


  2. My husband works a schedule that leaves pretty much all of the kid stuff and household stuff up to me. I also work, so your tips are so true. I could never do it without sometimes asking for help.


  3. It’s so stressful trying to do it on your own! I’m a SAHM and still so reliant on my husband helping out, I can’t imagine surviving without him for 5 days!


  4. I love your tip to remind yourself you’re doing a great job! This is applicable to SAHM’s too! We never really KNOW if we’re doing it right, we’re just all doing our best. Thanks for the insight and the reminder!


  5. I got out of the Army when I was 8 months pregnant to take care of my son. I’ve been a stay at home mom ever since. My husband is still active duty and is called to training occasionally so I’ve been in the same situation a couple of times and will be soon! It’s difficult but I think it makes us stronger!


  6. This is definitely a different perspective. I can’t imagine the stress single working moms go through when trying to balance everything especially if there is no help from family. It’s got to be so hard.


  7. Wow, it’s crazy how much work actually goes into caring and providing all day everyday for our children! I have a husband that helps and I also have a best friend that’s now a single working mom. It’s just amazing what we can accomplish when we have no other choice. Asking for help though is a big one!


  8. What a great eye opener. I am a stay at home mom and I’ve always had mad respect for single working moms, (I have a lot of these badass moms as sisters and they amaze me!) but this still opened my eyes of just how rockstar they are!
    Great tips at the end too


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