Mental Health Day

A story had gone viral a few weeks ago about a young woman who told her colleagues via email that she was out so she could focus on her mental health. She promised to return the following week fully refreshed.  The CEO responded, and he was very supportive of her decision to take care of … Continue reading Mental Health Day

Too Much

Post baby, I had a plan. I had to get out of my PPD / PPA rut and focus a bit on myself. I took on a number of things to help connect to my hobbies or old parts of me. The next thing you know, my mind was always running: baby, Poshmark, baby, work, … Continue reading Too Much

Kindness Challenge Week 3: Self-Acceptance

Truly, I am my own worst enemy. I do not accept compliments. I do not acknowledge my own achievements. I am self-depreciating. I am hardest on myself when I do not meet my own high standards.  For this week's challenge, I had to give myself a reprieve. It's time to stop being so negative about myself and start … Continue reading Kindness Challenge Week 3: Self-Acceptance

Sudden Changes

After my father had passed, I was stuck. The past years were a whirlwind of school, work, family, hospitals and more work.  I wasn't focused on myself too much, and just really did what I could to keep chugging along. It also meant that I made unhealthy choices when it came to my own well-being. … Continue reading Sudden Changes