5 Surprising Ways Motherhood Changes You

Everyone says that becoming a mother is a life-changing event.  The lifestyle changes, the responsibility and the incredible love for another, are common examples of how much of an impact a child can make.  In this edition of #momlife, guest author Keira Robilotto discusses other things that we just might have not have expected!

When I became a mom, I had heard the stories about how I would never sleep again and how my old jeans would never look the same. However, I wasn’t prepared for some of these unexpected changes. Nobody tells you about the day to day changes you face when motherhood comes knocking!

#1 Crying at Commercials:

I’m a sensitive gal, but this sensitivity amped up after I had my daughter. I was always a total sucker for a Lifetime movie. Now? I’m not above crying at a random commercial. You know the kind that has a small child doing something kind for a grandma? Yup, cue the waterworks. No matter how sappy or unoriginal it may be, I’m instantly in tears. I pretty much can never watch TV.

#2 Stepping Over Crap on the Floor:

I’m a neat freak by nature, but stuff on the floor apparently becomes an inevitable part of your life as a mom. In the beginning, I broke my back cleaning stuff off the floor ALL day. Now, I just do an evening round up. In the meantime, I gladly step over the minefield of stuffed animals on my floor. My husband and I stepped over the same Paw Patrol figure at the entrance to our kitchen on Saturday. Neither of us even gave it a second glance.

#3 Beauty Routines Have Become Annoying:

I used to love getting manicures and pedicures. Two hours at the salon seemed like a perfectly lovely way to spend my time. Now it just feels annoying. I can hear you wondering if I have lost my mind. Why wouldn’t I enjoy some kid-free time at the salon? But every mom knows what happens on the home front when the hubs is in charge; Think M&M’s for lunch. Even if everything was smooth sailing at home, I would still be thinking of  my endless to-do list and all of the ways I could be using my time. Yes, maybe I have lost my mind.

#4  I Sneak Eat:

Keira Robilotto of www.badasamother.com shares 5 surprising ways that motherhood changes you! thismommyisreal.com

This belongs to Mommy!

No, I don’t have an unhealthy relationship with food, I just want a damn snack that I don’t have to share. Ever try to open a wrapper while your kid is awake? You could be hiding in the trunk of your car and they will find you. When I see the last cupcake, you better believe I’m taking that bad boy into the laundry room closet so that I can eat in peace. And guess what? I’m not sharing.

#5 I Never Answer the Phone:

I mean never. People without kids try to call me all the time for a nice chat. In my pre-kid life, I would have chatted all day long. I probably was one of those people who needed unlimited minutes. But now when I see an actual phone call coming in, I’m thinking, what are you doing calling me? I can’t talk on the freaking phone. Send me a text you lunatic!

Think you’re ready for motherhood? You might be if you want to become a sneak-eating, text messaging, crying at commercials- kinda gal. Don’t forget to step over those toys!

Bio: Keira Robilotto of www.badasamother.com,  is a mom, wife, educator, and loyal friend. She is passionate about bringing moms together and sharing best practices and products. As a self-described type-A trying to slow down and enjoy the beauty in each day. 

44 thoughts on “5 Surprising Ways Motherhood Changes You

  1. I can relate to these… lol! I actually hide in the garage to sneak in a sweet coz sometimes this mama just needs sugar to keep going. My kids are not allowed sweets yet lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh 4 and 5 are so me! Last week I went to the kitchen to grab a bottle for the baby at 5:30am and ate a cupcake while I was down there. And unless it’s my mother or husband I never answer my calls. I have a newborn so text only for me


    • Occasionally when my kids were small and strapped into car seats in the back, I might tear open a chocolate bar and a 3 year old would ask “what are you eating mummy?” … like, how did they know I was even opening food – it might have been a parking ticket!
      “Nothing!” and then quietly bite into the heavenly nectar before being dragged through the guilt cave each time I looked into the rear view mirror to see innocent questioning eyes …. OMG … such a cruel mummy 🙈🤣🤣


  3. I do sneak eat and step over stuff. It’s funny how you never could foresee this kind of parenting. This is longer then this though with good, bad and ugly but, we enjoy the parenting ride.


  4. This list made me LOL! The second one in particular… My child-free friends are appalled at the state of my dining room floor, my friends who have children are amazed that the mess is limited to only the area under the high chair 😛

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  5. I can relate to the “stepping over things on the floor!” Before I had my daughter I said I would have a dedicated playroom and a closet where all of the toys would be neatly placed. Now there are toys in every room of the house and some of the little figures really hurt when you step on them!!!


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