5 Surprising Ways Motherhood Changes You

Everyone says that becoming a mother is a life-changing event.  The lifestyle changes, the responsibility and the incredible love for another, are common examples of how much of an impact a child can make.  In this edition of #momlife, guest author Keira Robilotto discusses other things that we just might have not have expected!

When I became a mom, I had heard the stories about how I would never sleep again and how my old jeans would never look the same. However, I wasn’t prepared for some of these unexpected changes. Nobody tells you about the day to day changes you face when motherhood comes knocking!

#1 Crying at Commercials:

I’m a sensitive gal, but this sensitivity amped up after I had my daughter. I was always a total sucker for a Lifetime movie. Now? I’m not above crying at a random commercial. You know the kind that has a small child doing something kind for a grandma? Yup, cue the waterworks. No matter how sappy or unoriginal it may be, I’m instantly in tears. I pretty much can never watch TV.

#2 Stepping Over Crap on the Floor:

I’m a neat freak by nature, but stuff on the floor apparently becomes an inevitable part of your life as a mom. In the beginning, I broke my back cleaning stuff off the floor ALL day. Now, I just do an evening round up. In the meantime, I gladly step over the minefield of stuffed animals on my floor. My husband and I stepped over the same Paw Patrol figure at the entrance to our kitchen on Saturday. Neither of us even gave it a second glance.

#3 Beauty Routines Have Become Annoying:

I used to love getting manicures and pedicures. Two hours at the salon seemed like a perfectly lovely way to spend my time. Now it just feels annoying. I can hear you wondering if I have lost my mind. Why wouldn’t I enjoy some kid-free time at the salon? But every mom knows what happens on the home front when the hubs is in charge; Think M&M’s for lunch. Even if everything was smooth sailing at home, I would still be thinking of  my endless to-do list and all of the ways I could be using my time. Yes, maybe I have lost my mind.

#4  I Sneak Eat:

Keira Robilotto of www.badasamother.com shares 5 surprising ways that motherhood changes you! thismommyisreal.com

This belongs to Mommy!

No, I don’t have an unhealthy relationship with food, I just want a damn snack that I don’t have to share. Ever try to open a wrapper while your kid is awake? You could be hiding in the trunk of your car and they will find you. When I see the last cupcake, you better believe I’m taking that bad boy into the laundry room closet so that I can eat in peace. And guess what? I’m not sharing.

#5 I Never Answer the Phone:

I mean never. People without kids try to call me all the time for a nice chat. In my pre-kid life, I would have chatted all day long. I probably was one of those people who needed unlimited minutes. But now when I see an actual phone call coming in, I’m thinking, what are you doing calling me? I can’t talk on the freaking phone. Send me a text you lunatic!

Think you’re ready for motherhood? You might be if you want to become a sneak-eating, text messaging, crying at commercials- kinda gal. Don’t forget to step over those toys!

Bio: Keira Robilotto of www.badasamother.com,  is a mom, wife, educator, and loyal friend. She is passionate about bringing moms together and sharing best practices and products. As a self-described type-A trying to slow down and enjoy the beauty in each day. 

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