Poshmark: Closet Crickets & Dead Items

It’s a frustrating thing for anyone who is looking to increase their Poshmark sales.  Certain things just seem really difficult to sell. It seemed like it should be flying off the shelf, yet here it sits, waiting patiently for it’s new home.  What can we do to attract a buyer and sell that item?

I call certain items “Closet Crickets” because they seemingly appear lifeless, but every now and then you’ll hear a “chirp”; meaning someone likes or bundles that item. After that, nothing happens and there is no sale. Unfortunately, I actually have more of those than I’d like to admit.

The more popular term in the Poshmark Analytics group is the “Dead Item”. No sales whatsoever. It’s a closet cricket that just can’t seem to be sold no matter what the seller does.

There isn’t a surefire way to really get these items moving. It doesn’t stop us from trying! These are the 5 ways I’ve seen users attempt to sell a closet cricket or dead item on Poshmark:

  • Hold a sale or mark the item as clearance. Sometimes it works, other times it calls in a low baller. I suppose that if it works, a sale is a sale, right?

Image result for Clothing Sale Signs

  • Delete the original listing and re-list the item for new exposure. The idea behind this is that re-listing will mark this stated as “Just In” and may be more visible to others. Some poshers will delete and re-list as often as they need to in order to get the item moving. I’ve heard it working well for some!
  • Re-take the covershot / rephrase the title and description. I’ve actually retaken covershots to improve the look of the item or visibility within the feed / closet. It actually helps give the item some new life.  You also re-list for new exposure.


  • Test the Dead Item Comment Theory, where an item has a higher chance of selling if someone posts a question. This works for some, but not all.
  • Strategic Price Dropping. i.e. reducing the price at key peak times in order to trigger a lower price notification (and potentially a shipping discount)  to those who liked the item.

Image result for price drop

Personally, I’ve tried all of the above and haven’t found which has worked best. Everyone’s closet is different, but these strategies don’t seem to have significant impact on my own.

After some time, I do eventually give up on the dead item and donate it.  Since it seems to be a slower month for a lot of Poshers, I’m interested in what others are doing to keep up sales.  Open to suggestions in the comments!

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