First Giveaway – Closed!

Congratulations to cbeerntsten from! You’re the winner of the $25 e-giftcard to Starbucks! Please send your email address to and I’ll send it to you.

Thanks to everyone for participating! Check back for the next giveaway!

If you follow my Promotion & Giveaway page, you’ll recall that I announced that I will hold the first giveaway when the twitter or blog hits 100 followers.  I’m happy to say that this morning, we reached the goal with twitter!
As promised, I’m holding the first giveaway event! To be eligible, you must currently follow this blog.  To enter, please respond with a comment below on what you liked about your weekend by Friday, 4/28 at 5pm (PST).  I will select the name on Saturday, 4/29 around noon (PST). I will post the winner here.  If selected, you must provide your email to  I will then send you a $25 e-giftcard to Starbucks. Easy peasy!

Note, this giveaway is not sponsored by WordPress or Starbucks.  If you are the winner, your email must be provided to  I respect your privacy, and thus your information will not be provided to anyone else, nor will it be used for any promotional purposes.

Thank you all for supporting this blog! I look forward to selecting a winner!

17 thoughts on “First Giveaway – Closed!

  1. The best part about my weekend was it was my “old bitches” sunday. (One sunday a month a great friend and I do old lady stuff. We went to bingo, some antique stores (faaaavorite) and drank bloody mary’s. Neither of us got a bingo, but I did get a buzz from the cheap vodka.

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  2. My weekend was very relaxing and I spent all day, and into the night, Saturday watching the new season of one of my favorite shows! I had popcorn and then pizza for dinner!! I finished ten full episodes at 2:30 am and got to sleep all Sunday morning!! It was fantastic!

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