Kindness Challenge: Final Reflection

  This entry is admittedly overdue. Last week, we were supposed to summarize how we felt about this challenge, and what we've learned.  I first started this challenge to really change my reactions and thought processes.  I wanted kindness to be my first reaction. I wanted to be a good example to my son and … Continue reading Kindness Challenge: Final Reflection

Kindness Challenge Week 7: Grateful for Kindness

This week's challenge was about looking / noticing the kind things and finding a way to express your gratitude for them. If there was ever a week that I needed kindness, this was it.  Work was beyond stressful. This is a season that is normally high stress and long hours. However, this time was especially difficult. Even … Continue reading Kindness Challenge Week 7: Grateful for Kindness

Kindness Challenge Week 6: Kindness without Expectation 

This week's challenge asks that you choose kindness without expecting anything in return. I have actually been doing this for a while. My father taught me this lesson at a very young age.  He told me that to being kind includes doing or acting in a manner where you don't naturally expect anything in return. … Continue reading Kindness Challenge Week 6: Kindness without Expectation 

Kindness Challenge Week 2: Self-Compassion

The second week of the Kindness Challenge focuses on self-compassion. Again, this is another area where I am challenged. It is so easy for to feel compassion towards others, and attempt to get them to see the better side of things.  However, I do not show myself the same consideration. I love giving gifts to … Continue reading Kindness Challenge Week 2: Self-Compassion

Kindness Challenge: Week 1

The theme for Week 1 is self-love. I admit, I never had much of it for myself.  I've only recently discovered the impact that various experiences have had on me; things that cultivated a series of self-doubt, low self-esteem and a pessimistic outlook. Instead of saying "I Can!" or even "I'll try", I had already … Continue reading Kindness Challenge: Week 1

2017 Kindness Challenge

I stumbled upon a post discussing a 2nd Annual Kindness Challenge. I was intrigued. It turns out, this Challenge reflected some of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog. For the next seven weeks, bloggers will be posting about different aspects of kindness: Week 1 | Self-love Week 2 | Self-compassion Week 3 … Continue reading 2017 Kindness Challenge