Kindness Challenge Week 6: Kindness without Expectation 

This week’s challenge asks that you choose kindness without expecting anything in return. I have actually been doing this for a while. My father taught me this lesson at a very young age.  He told me that to being kind includes doing or acting in a manner where you don’t naturally expect anything in return. You do things because you want to, without any attachments or reciprocation. 
So, for the most part, I try to do this. I like to give gifts and treat people to meals just because. I try to donate to fundraising events. I find joy in the company’s efforts to donate to those in need. However, while these things are very nice, they always involve a monetary transaction. I’ve gotten used to that, and it has become easy for me. Thus, I wanted to find genuine things to do so that I can do them more often….something thoughtful, with impact, but doesn’t involve my wallet. 

So, I tried to start small. It may sound strange, but I said hello to people in passing or to those I haven’t talked to in a while. I complimented someone just because I noticed it. I stood up for someone when another person was criticizing them behind their back.  Instead of reselling my nearly new items for profit, I decided to give them to a friend who could use them. I tried to forget the little things that surfaced during the week with certain individuals and hope for the best. 

These things may sound so little, but this week was rough both professionally and personally. To maintain a kind demeanor, especially a genuine one, was not easy during this stressful time. However, each time I did it, I felt better. I had always wanted to be more approachable and kind, and this week made it so. I didn’t care for any result in my favor, I just wanted to be kind. 

It definitely made me feel a little less stress, and with more practice, it will just be. I’m glad that I can bring one of my father’s great lesson to life.

💙, jenn

Photo from, artist Donald Tong

25 thoughts on “Kindness Challenge Week 6: Kindness without Expectation 

  1. Thank you for sharing, Jenn! I love that this is something you learned at a young age. Expectation in general is something that I’ve learned to become more aware of and release because it’s such a weed when it comes to cultivating happiness. ❤


  2. Hey Jenn!
    I am inspired by u to take on the kindness challenge too!! And like u- it won’t be easy for me— but if more ppl take this challenge- the world would simply be more lovely 🙂
    Check out my blog:


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  3. I love that you are doing this challenge!!! I think the world needs more nice people and people that are generally nice, not wanting anything in return. I have been trying to compliment people a lot more recently and it’s so great to see the other person get light up after you’ve complimented them .😀❤️❤️👌Keep it up!

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  4. Fantastic post! I agree that the money part is easy to do and it can add up quickly over time! It doesn’t take much to be kind, but it does take a little more effort and sometimes some planning and creativity. You’re doing great! Stumbling across posts of this nature are always such a pick me up – a little like finding a 5$ bill on the street 🙂

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  5. Thank you for reminding me to be kind. Its not easy sometimes to remember to open arms and take a little moment to be kind. One of the silly little ways that has brought joy to my life has been in leaving beautiful comments or compliments on people’s social media feeds. Just because I’m trapped home alone doesn’t mean I can’t find other ways to be kind.

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  6. This is a lovely post =) I have also been trying to give more compliments to people I pass on the street. It is becoming more natural, but I have a little social anxiety so it has been tricky to get the hang of! It does feel so good to be genuinely kind and not expect anything in return!

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  7. Reading through this I can already feel your warm and kind heart. I’m sure you just created a Domino effect to people around you and to your readers. Xoxo- colorsofmei

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  8. This is a great challenge. I truly love it, but wish we didn’t have to really think about this. I wish we all were just more kind and didn’t find it challenging.

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