The Reset

A month or so ago, I fell deep. My self-esteem plunged down into new lows. The the horrifying digits on the scale stung. It's not like I didn't feel it - but to see it was sobering. I decided to take my blood pressure - I stared at the numbers in disbelief. It was strange … Continue reading The Reset

White Noise

It wasn't easy, but I forced myself into workout gear. I hadn't been doing it for very long, so it was a slow pace. I kept at it, believing that some day, I'd get better. All of a sudden, I heard laughter. Menacing laughter and then a water bottle was thrown at me. I stopped … Continue reading White Noise

The Last Straw

It has already been a difficult year. I found myself consumed by work, and pulled in different directions in my personal life. I had a couple of sprains and strains, which also kept me out of the gym. I felt unhealthy, exhausted and unhappy. I couldn't find much success in any one thing. That's what … Continue reading The Last Straw

The Meat Market

For the last 7 years, I actually enjoyed working out. I started out running - my motto was “5k everyday!”.  Once I got bored of it, I moved onto boxing and Muay Thai. I loved it.  I found it challenging and fun. I was healthy and had a great hobby.  Even then, I was self … Continue reading The Meat Market

Not Quite There

Some months ago, I  told myself that I would make life better. I said I was going to work on a healthier lifestyle. I set goals, and thought that I had the determination to do it. I wanted to re-engage some of my old habits. I wanted to feel healthy again. I missed it. Now, … Continue reading Not Quite There

Sudden Changes

After my father had passed, I was stuck. The past years were a whirlwind of school, work, family, hospitals and more work.  I wasn't focused on myself too much, and just really did what I could to keep chugging along. It also meant that I made unhealthy choices when it came to my own well-being. … Continue reading Sudden Changes