A Mommy Story: Jayna

It's been quite a while since I've posted the "Mommy Story" series. It's something that I've been wanting to pick back up; uplifting and supporting other mothers who have / or are struggling is something near and dear to my heart. The first post of this year belongs to Jayna, a mother who I "met" … Continue reading A Mommy Story: Jayna

Another Goodbye

I remember when I first met her. I was, to say the least, surprised. She applied for a job in my department. In all honesty, she was so seasoned in the industry, and so overqualified. I should have been reporting to her. We poignantly asked – why does someone with such an extensive background want … Continue reading Another Goodbye

Motherless on Mother’s Day

Yesterday, a friend asked how I felt about Mother’s Day. “Do you think of your mother during Mother’s Day typically?” It seemed like a very strange question. Maybe intrusive. Maybe just something out of sheer curiosity from someone who doesn’t understand loss in that way. Still, while the question was strange to think of, the … Continue reading Motherless on Mother’s Day

2019 Reflections

Everyone does it, but this is something that I've done for years. I remember distinctly sitting on the couch in my elementary school years, writing in my pink My Melody secret diary. It was New Years Eve, and I told myself that I would always remember what I did in the year, what I learned … Continue reading 2019 Reflections

A Farewell to Sensei

I looked up and down the boards, hoping that something would call to me. I had very little job experience, but I knew that I needed something more stable, more fulfilling to do, while I continued my studies. I wanted something different, something that would teach me valuable skills and obviously, something that helped pay … Continue reading A Farewell to Sensei

Unwanted Commentary

I remember her scathing remark. The disapproving tone echoing throughout the otherwise quiet room. The hospital floor was full, and so, my dad had to temporarily share a room. My siblings and I visited him as often as we could - sometimes together, sometimes splitting days depending on our schedule. I was with one of … Continue reading Unwanted Commentary

A Different Life

It's a bright day. I find myself in a clean, white room. I don't recall how I got there. The room is neatly decorated with things that I cannot recognize. I'm confused. I walked down the hall, which has a strange sense of familiarity. Yet, I've never been here. When I reach the next room, … Continue reading A Different Life

My Father’s Tree

When it first came, it was one of the most popular styles. I can't remember if it was a Douglas or Noble. I remember it being covered in white "snow", and supposedly had the scent of a real tree. It was economical and practical, and it became the tradition year after year. In fact, it … Continue reading My Father’s Tree

Smiling Faces

Every now and then it resurfaces. It's old, and slightly out of focus.  The faded colors and rounded edges make it distinctive from all the others in the collection. In it, are two individuals captured at a time when life was harder, but things were happier. Every now and then, I hold the grainy photo in my … Continue reading Smiling Faces

Fleeting Memories

 What do you remember about your mother? It had been quite some time since she passed, so at that moment, I wasn't sure how to answer.  Years later, I find that the memories of who she was, and what she did when we were children, are slowly fading away. I sit and sometimes wonder, what … Continue reading Fleeting Memories