The Posh Spotlight: New to Poshmark?

What do you remember from your first days on Poshmark? How did you figure out the selling process? What did you learn? In this edition of the Posh Spotlight, we feature two newer Poshers:Meet @kayciekozenko on the Posh Spotlight! -

Kaycie, (kayciekozenko) has been on Poshmark for a year and a half. Her closet has a clean, cohesive look. Like many of us, she started selling her own clothes. Recently, she has ventured into reselling.

The Posh Spotlight features @maggiegraceamos! - thismommyisreal.comMaggie (maggiegraceamos) has only been on Poshmark for a few months. Like many of us, she was instantly hooked.  The flat lays in her closet are beautiful and eye-catching!

What did you find most challenging about Poshmark? 

Kaycie: Follow a ton of people and share a lot, this will help you get your closet visible to more people.

Maggie: The most challenging thing about Poshmark has been finding the time to put into it to see fruit from it. I realized early on that if I wanted to be successful in selling on Poshmark, I needed to have time to put into it. But I couldn’t let it consume my time. I started to look for times in my day where it would be the best to fit it in – during my son’s naptime, for a few minutes after I wake up in the morning, or right before bed were the best times for me. Then I set aside an hour or two each week to be my photography time, and I combine thrifting into social time by inviting friends along. It’s all a matter of balancing the time. 🙂 

What are 3 key things you’ve learned since joining?

Kaycie:  Be nice and stay out of drama with other Poshers, always be welcoming and helpful! The most challenging part of Poshmark for me was getting my name out into the world in order to expand my views! At the beginning I felt I wasn’t making any sales, but that has changed a lot since.


  1. Consistency is key. My first month on Poshmark, I was just getting used to the whole thing: figuring out how to list items, what a party was, etc. But by my second month, I was determined to pour as much as I could into launching a successful mini-business. And it actually went pretty well. I sold on average 2-3 items a day, and I was having so much fun. However, after a booming December, I grew a little complacent. I guess I figured I was selling so well, I didn’t need to put much effort in. By the time January was over, I had only sold six items total. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Then it dawned on me that I had hardly spent any time networking, sharing, or adding new listings. I just assumed I could sit there and watch the dough roll in without any effort. Wrong!

  2. You need a system. If you are wanting to sell a lot, you will have to list a lot, store a lot, and ship a lot. If you don’t have an organized system, it will take SO much longer to do anything and quickly become discouraging.

  3. The covershot is worth a thousand words. When I started out, I was just taking pictures of my clothes hanging up against my bedroom wall. Needless to say, they weren’t getting much love. I started to look at the closets of really successful Poshers and noticed a theme – their covershots immediately drew you in to want to look more closely at the item. I switched to flat lays and started experimenting with a “look” I liked for my covershots. Do some research looking at other Poshers closets, think about the backdrops you have on hand, and what could be your unique and chic covershot trademark!

What is your strategy for selling on Poshmark?

Kaycie: 3) Share, Share, Share! The more you share, the more people share back and you can never have too many shares! My strategy on Poshmark is to put myself out there as much as you can. I am a two time Poshmark Campus Representative, I’m a Posh Ambassador, and I have hosted a “Style Crush” party on posh! I have made so many connections through these activities and some of the best Posh Friends Forever.

Maggie: Share, share, share! Then share again.  The #1 thing that draws in my sales is sharing – both my own closet and others. I try to make sure that if others share my items, I return the shares as much as possible, because then we can keep sharing our items to each other’s audiences. I also like to set aside 15 minutes each day for a “sharing spree”. When I do this, I pick a brand and then I search it and share as many items from that brand as I can in 15 minutes. I’ve found this is more effective than simply sharing what is in my feed, because I am reaching out to a plethora of new connections. I also try to make sure to share at least 20 items from my closet per day, and always cycle through all the items in my closet.

Thanks Kaycie and Maggie! Check out their closets for more inspiration!

You can find me on Poshmark here!  Interested in being featured on The Posh Spotlight?  Send a note and include your name, closet and a little about yourself!

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