Poshmark: Low Baller = A Low Rating?!

She made the kind of offer that many sellers cringe at.  The item was already low priced as it was. It was new, with tags, and from a very nice department store.  The listing had both stock and actual photos of the item, and the description fro the store’s website.  It was an infinity scarf, but I had also laid it flat. It was a rectangular shape when flattened.

The price she offered was so low, I would have been better off giving to her for free. I countered as usual, with the amount being lower than my bundle price. She countered just a smidge higher.  I mentioned that my counter was the best offer, and stated that there was a promotion she could take advantage of: Take 25% off the list price for subscribing to the blog or twitter, and sharing a post. She did not respond to that and chose not to subscribe.

Instead, she asked to lower my price against my counter again, without any additional requirements. I mentioned that I would be losing money if I accepted her offer.  She seemed to disappear. That’s where the transaction and my role as a seller should have ended.

Against my better judgement, I countered with the price she wanted.  I thought, perhaps this was my good deed for the day.  She accepted it, and I packaged it just as nicely as I do with all my purchases – tissues, ribbons, handwritten card and a small token of appreciation.

A few days later, I get notification of a 3 star rating.  The reason was “item description”. I was appalled. This is my fourth year selling on Poshmark, and all my reviews have been 5 stars. I sell other items on another platform from time to time, and again, 5 star ratings. I had never received anything lower.

I was curious, and I wanted to make things right. I messaged her to rectify the situation. It turns out, she rated me low for an unbelievable reason: She could not replicate the way it was styled in the covershot. To quote, “The way you put it as a circle I can’t fix like that please. Explains to me please”.

I wanted to be professional. In any other setting I would be, so I did the right thing. I had previously mentioned to her that the description was exactly what the store indicates on their own items. I walked her through the styling as best as you can in a message, and moved on.  It was irritating.  Turns out, she is a habitual low-baller who rates sellers low because of her inability to fit or style items. Perhaps it’s a language barrier, but who knows. In checking her profile, there were other sellers who were also experiencing problems with her.

I blocked her and wanted to warn all others from selling to her. I wanted to just let others know that the sale was just wasted time.  But then, that would have just taken things way too far. Honestly, all that frustration and additional time for measly 3 stars? Bad ratings happen, and they’ll come and go. Time to move on!

I looked at my not so perfect rating history – then I realized, no one else sees this on Poshmark. I don’t have to post it, and it’s one tiny rating. My rating still averages out to 5 stars.  I did everything I could to make this right, but sometimes, you just can’t please them all. Sometimes we can’t always be perfect!


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